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IMA Annual Program Year Workshop
Frontiers in Imaging
November 7-11, 2005

F. Alberto GrunbaumUniversity of California, Berkeley
Dennis HealyUniversity of Maryland
Group PhotoModern technical means coupled with state of the art mathematics are promising to provide quantitative imaging information about structures and phenomena long assumed to be inaccessible to imaging. This worskhop will consider the mathematical enablers required as imaging pushes to the new frontiers including imaging the electron wave functions of atoms and molecules, mapping single electron spins in a semiconductor or macromolecule, and fathoming the spatiotemporal state of huge distributed networks such as the internet or power grids. Specific modalities to be studied include network tomography; molecular, nanoscale, and quantum state imaging, magnetic resonance force microscopy; and cryogenic x-ray tomography. We also consider the mathematical approaches to building information from the synthesis and fusion of multiple imaging modalities.

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