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IMA Annual Program Year Workshop
The Mathematics and Art of Film Editing and Restoration
February 6-10, 2006

Guillermo SapiroUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Lance WilliamsApplied Minds, Inc.
Andrew ZissermanUniversity of Oxford
Group Photo

We enjoy movies on a daily basis, but are rarely aware of the image processing involved in creating and editing a film. Examples of frequent operations are format conversion, compression, scratch and blotch removal, introducing special effects, motion estimation, camera calibration, segmentation and super-resolution. These techniques are so important that, today, virtually every movie undergoes some digital image processing. Still, some of the fundamental problems remain unsolved, often involving very time-consuming manual labor. The quality standards are also very different -- often far stricter -- than those in most common applications of image processing. This brings significant mathematical and engineering challenges. The goal of this workshop is to have a uniquely interactive setting in which engineers, mathematicians, and artists implicated in film editing, restoration and "post-processing" are assembled in order to inform and instruct each other as well as discuss possible solutions and directions of research. The workshop will start with a number of tutorials by leaders in the area (from industry and academia) and will be followed by interleaved talks in the interdisciplinary aspects of movie editing and restoration.


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