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IMA Public Lecture
Making Sense of a Complex World
June 7-18, 2004

Applications of Algebraic Geometry (September 2006 - June 2007)

Christopher J. Budd
Professor in Applied Mathematics and
Director of the Centre for Nonlinear Mechanics
University of Bath, England

January 18, 2007

7:00 pm, Willey Hall 125    Map
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The world around us often seems terribly complex, chaotic and difficult to understand. We encounter this every day: in the weather, social networks, sophisticated machinery, the internet. Frequently this complexity arises from the interaction of widely diverse scales in time and space. For example, the weather can turn in minutes, while the climate persists for many many years. Can math and science help us to make sense of all this complexity, or is it a study doomed from the start? Illustrating with many examples, Professor Budd will show that all is not lost. He will explain how simple properties often emerge from seemingly very complex systems, and how we can use these properties to gain understanding.

Math Matters lectures feature distinguished mathematicians and scientists who are also superb expositors able to illuminate the role mathematics is playing in understanding our world and shaping our lives. The lectures are aimed at a broad audience. Math Matters - Public Lecture Series
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