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IMA Annual Program Year Hot Topics Workshop
High Negative Index Materials
October 2-4, 2006

Maria-Carme T. Calderer Mathematics, University of Michigan
Sharon C. Glotzer Chemical Engineering, University of Michigan
Charles Y-C Lee Air Force Office of Scientific Research, Chemistry and Life Sciences Directorate
Graeme Milton Mathematics, University of Utah
Arje Nachman Air Force Office of Scientific Research
Peter Palffy-Muhoray Liquid Crystal Institute, Kent State University

Negative index materials (NIMs) are characterized by oppositely directed photon current and momentum. Such left-handed transport results in negative refraction and the growth of evanescent waves, which allow the possibility of imaging and lithography at subwavelength resolution. NIMs offer great potential for applications, as well as great challenges in fundamental understanding, mathematical description and materials development. This workshop will bring together engineers, materials scientists, mathematicians and physicists to consider the processes underlying left-handed transport, to discuss ways of modeling the material response, to consider ways of fabricating NIMs and to explore the possibilities and limitations of NIMs in imaging and optical device applications.

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