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IMA Special Workshop
Blackwell-Tapia Conference
November 3-4, 2006

Partially supported by the National Security Agency


Douglas ArnoldUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
David ManderscheidThe University of Iowa
Samuel MyersUniversity of Minnesota, Twin Cities
Arlie PettersDuke University
Group Photo

This is the fourth in a series of biannual conferences honoring David Blackwell and Richard Tapia, two seminal figures who inspired a generation of African-American, Native American and Latino/Latina students to pursue careers in mathematics. 

David Blackwell

Richard Tapia
Richard Tapia

 Carrying forward their work, this one and a half day conference will: 

  • recognize and showcase mathematical excellence by minority researchers
  • recognize and disseminate successful efforts to address under-representation
  • inform students and mathematicians about career opportunities in mathematics, especially outside academia
  • provide networking opportunities for mathematical researchers at all points in the higher education/career trajectory
The conference will include a mix of activities including scientific talks; poster presentations; a panel discussion of career opportunities in mathematics, and another panel on recruitment and retention of a diverse mathematics workforce; and ample opportunities for discussion and interaction. A high point of the meeting will be the awarding, during the conference banquet on Saturday evening, of 2006 Blackwell-Tapia prize to William Massey, in recognition of his outstanding achievements in queuing theory, stochastic networks, and the modeling of communications systems, and in increasing diversity in the mathematical sciences. More information is in this news story and in the press release for the prize.

In addition, the IMA will host a special program for high school students on November 3, 2006 called Math is Cool!/Who Wants to Be a Mathematician? See the flyer.


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