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IMA Annual Program Year Workshop
RNA in Biology, Bioengineering and Nanotechnology
October 29 - November 2, 2007

Tamar SchlickNew York University
Eric WesthofUniversité de Strasbourg I (Louis Pasteur)
Group PhotoRNA molecules are key players in all cellular processes, from control of gene expression to cellular differentiation. In addition, synthetic RNAs have found numerous applications in biomedicine and biomolecular engineering, such as in the design of biosensors and tools for exploring interactions in biological systems. RNA molecules are also considered in nanotechnology owing to their self-assembly properties. To advance these scientific frontiers, it is essential to quantitatively model RNA at the genomic and molecular levels using novel mathematical, statistical, and computational methods. The goals of our workshop are to:
  • Bring together researchers from the biological and mathematical sciences to explore the fundamental aspects of RNA.
  • Familiarize the mathematical researchers with current biological problems in the RNA field, including regulatory and catalytic RNAs, RNA folding and dynamics, and engineered RNAs.
  • Describe current challenges in mathematical approaches to RNA structure and function
  • Present advances in mathematical modeling and simulation of RNA at the genomic and molecular levels.

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