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IMA Annual Program Year Workshop
Mathematics of DNA Structure, Function, and Interactions
September 16-21, 2007

Craig BenhamUniversity of California
Steve HarveyGeorgia Institute of Technology
Wilma OlsonRutgers, The State University of New Jersey
De Witt SumnersFlorida State University
David SwigonUniversity of Pittsburgh
Group PhotoCellular DNA is a long, thread-like molecule with remarkably complex topology. Enzymes that manipulate and control the geometry and topology of cellular DNA perform many important cellular processes,including segregation of daughter chromosomes, gene regulation, DNA repair, and generation of antibody diversity. The understanding of the biological importance of RNA in cellular metabolism is rapidly developing, and structural properties and principles of RNA folding are being worked out. This workshop will concentrate on the role of modern mathematics in elucidating the relationship between nucleic acid structure and function.

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