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Abstracts and Talk Materials
Career Options for Underrepresented Groups in Mathematical Sciences
March 25-27, 2010

Natalia Alexandrov (NASA Langley Research Center)

Planning for work in mathematical sciences at a national laboratory
December 31, 1969

Working at a national laboratory, such as one of the NASA research centers, offers many exciting research opportunities to a mathematician. Some disciplines are traditionally mathematically intensive, such as computational fluid dynamics, structural analysis, multidisciplinary design optimization, formal methods for algorithm verification, to name a few. Other areas have traditionally relied on heuristic and evolutionary approaches, as in the development of the air transportation system. A uniting factor is the ever growing complexity of systems under consideration. In all endeavors, mathematical problems abound. This talk gives an overview of active research areas and describes a number of steps mathematicians planning to join a national laboratory can take to prepare themselves and create a productive and enjoyable working experience.

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