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Abstracts and Talk Materials
Transport and Mixing in Complex and Turbulent Flows
April 11, 2010

Thomas W. N. Haine (Johns Hopkins University)

Introduction to dynamics and tracer dispersion in geophysical fluids
April 11, 2010

(1) Geophysical fluids: phenomenology and dynamics of rotating, stratified flow.

(2) Potential vorticity: Dynamic significance and kinematic interpretation.

(3) Importance of mixing for maintenance of ocean pycnocline and global overturning circulation: ocean energetics, a little on thermocline theories and/or Sandstrom's theory.

(4) Tracer Observations in the ocean (and atmosphere): Turbulent mixing from dye releases, maybe something on surface stirring/mixing diagnostics from floats.

(5) Tracer cascades: theory and observational support.

Peter R. Kramer (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute)

Mathematical models and methods for characterizing turbulent diffusion
April 11, 2010

William Roy Young (Scripps Research Institute)

Shear dispersion
April 11, 2010

(1) interaction of molecular diffusion with simple unidirectional shear flows (bounded and unbounded domains).

(2) Limitation of the effective diffusion approximation to long times and small domains, and low moments of the tracer distribution.

(3) Perhaps a geophysical example: shear diffusion in the internal gravity wave field. The vertical tracer cascade of Haynes & Anglade.

(4) Some examples of "pre-asymptotic" anomalous shear diffusion e.g.,〈x2〉 ∼ t ln t due to the no-slip condition, and 〈x2〉 ∼ t 3/2 in the example of de Marsily & Matheron.

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