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IMA Annual Program Year Workshop
Flowing Complex Fluids: Fluid Mechanics-Interaction of Microstructure and Flow
October 12-16, 2009

John F. Brady Chemical Engineering, Caltech
L. Pamela Cook Mathematical Sciences, University of Delaware
Michael D. Graham Chemical and Biological Engineering, University of Wisconsin, Madison
Andrew M. Kraynik Sandia National Laboratories
Gareth H. McKinley Mechanical Engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Fluids with nontrivial small-scale inhomogeneities (microstructure) include suspensions, emulsions, foams, polymer melts and solutions, surfactant solutions and liquid crystals. Flows of these complex fluids display features that are not found in simple fluids, including interfacial and bulk instabilities, texture formation and evolution and other novel flow phenomena that all can be traced back to the influence the fluid microstructure has on the stresses that develop within the flow. This workshop focuses on these fluid mechanical phenomena and their origins in the complex nature of the fluid. Topics include free surface flows and extensional rheometry, instabilities and flow induced phase transitions, turbulence and drag reduction in polymer and surfactant solutions, coating and extrusion, some microfluidic flows of complex fluids, and multiscale computational methods.


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