IMA Annual Program Year Workshop: Societally Relevant Computing
April 11-15, 2011

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Part I: For each question, please select the ONE response that most closely corresponds to your current opinion.
1.My interaction with other participants was useful in fostering networking.
2.I have maintained contact with other workshop participants outside my field.
3.I have maintained contact with other workshop participants within my field.
4.I would participate in another IMA event.
Part II: The information below helps the IMA to document and understand the workshop’s impact on the development of contacts and collaborations by participants.
5.What is your gender?

6.What is your employment sector? Please indicate one.

7.What is your primary discipline? Please indicate one.

8.Are there specific new research connections/contacts that you are willing to report? Please indicate if they are outside of your own field of expertise.
9.Will there be a collaboration resulting from the contacts you made at this workshop?
10.Are there any other thoughts you have had since completing the workshop on which you would like to comment?
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