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IMA Special Workshop
WhAM! A Research Collaboration Workshop for Women in Applied Mathematics: Dynamical Systems with Applications to Biology and Medicine
September 9-13, 2013

Trachette JacksonUniversity of Michigan
Ami RadunskayaPomona College
Group Photo

Many questions about biological processes can be phrased in terms of dynamical systems. The evolution of these processes and the stability of long term their behavior can be studied in terms of dynamical systems theory. In this workshop we will pose problems from a range of biological and medical applications that can be interpreted as questions about system behavior or control. The overarching goal is to help build a strong collaboration network of women working on dynamical systems in biology by facilitating the formation of new collaborative research groups and encouraging them to continue to work together after the workshop. This workshop will have a special format designed to maximize the opportunities to collaborate. 

  • There will be up to eight senior women researchers working in Mathematical Biology, each will present a problem and lead a research group.
  • They will each choose a more junior co-leader, preferably someone with whom they do not have a long-standing collaboration, but who has enough experience to take on a leadership role.
  • Other team members will be chosen from applicants and invitees. We anticipate five people per group.
  • It is expected that each group will continue their project together and obtain results to write into a submission to the Proceedings volume for the conference.

The benefit of such a structured program with leaders, projects and working groups planned in advance is based on the successful WIN, Women In Numbers, conferences and is intended to be in both directions: senior women will hopefully meet, mentor, and collaborate with the brightest young women in their field on a part of their research agenda of their choosing, and junior women and students will develop their network of colleagues and supporters and encounter important new research areas to work in, thereby improving their chances for successful research careers.

The IMA gratefully acknowledges Microsoft Research for their support of this workshop.

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