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Summer Program for Graduate Students in Scientific Computing, July 1-26, 2002

TO: Participants in the IMA Graduate Student Program on Scientific Computing at the University of Kentucky
SUBJECT: General Information for your stay at the University of Kentucky


-We hope you have already completed the registration form located at http://www.ima.umn.edu/PI/2002summer-pi-reg.pdf and returned it to the IMA.

-You will be staying at the Sigma Cai Houses. There are R5 parking lots available, they are all free, the directions will be at: http://www.ccs.uky.edu/ccs/DirectionstoUKCampus.html A single room will be reserved for you. The dorm is air-conditioned. Sheets are provided and will be changed once per week, towels will be provided daily, a pillow, blanket and soap will also be provided. There will be a phone in your room for local calls only. You may want to bring a phone card for long distance calls.

-You will be provided with meal cards on the first day. The meal cards will have $16.00 day on it. The University of Kentucky will let you know the places that you can use the meal card at.

-There will be a morning break around 10:00 each day where tea, juice and pastries will be provided.

-The IMA will provide you with $100 to be put toward local expenses such as laundry, bus and other misc. expenses you may incur. This $100 will be included on your expense reimbursement check, which you will receive on the first day.

-There are laundry facilities in the basement of each dorm and they only accept the swipe card to operate. You may want to add $$ to your meal card for this purpose.

-If you are flying to Lexington, the airport code is LEX. Five airlines (and additional foreign code shares) service the airport: Delta, Northwest, US Airways, Continental, and United. Reservations made at least 28 days in advance for no more than 28 days are significantly cheaper than last minute reservations or longer stays. While the Louisville and Cincinnati airports are only 90 and 75 miles from campus, respectively, getting to Lexington from either is expensive if you do not have a car.

-It will cost approximately $20 to take a taxi from the Lexington airport to the dormitory. Directions to the UKY Campus will be located at:


-The link for the University of Kentucky campus map is located at: http://www.uky.edu/CampusGuide/

- For those of you who are driving, there is parking available in R-3Lots which are behind most dorms. The parking will be free. Please see: http://www.uky.edu/Parking/map.htm

-The lecture room is 327 McVey Hall, which is part of the Center for Computational Sciences (see http://www.ccs.uky.edu).

-There will be a social event on Mondays that you are all encouraged to attend. We encourage interaction amongst the program participants and speakers. You will be made aware of the planned events when you arrive.

-Teresa needs to know if you are a vegetarian. Please contact her if you are. This is important with respect to some of the social activities.

-Watch our web site for speaker abstracts and reading lists

-The University of Kentucky is arranging computer accounts for you

-The University of Kentucky is arranging recreational sports facility access and temporary ID cards for you

- Professor Craig Douglas (douglas@ccs.uky.edu) is the on-site faculty advisor. Ms. Teresa Moody, (tmoody@pop.uky.edu, +1-859-257-8737), will be the administrative assistant in charge of the program at Kentucky, and Ms. Orbe D. Walther (owalther@ima.umn.edu, +1-612-624-6066), will be handling things from the IMA side.

Please continue to watch the web site http://www.ima.umn.edu/PI/2002summergrad.html for further information.

-Please keep us informed of any date changes, so that we can keep the dormitory and the program organizer informed.

Please e-mail visit@ima.umn.edu if you have any further questions.


Summer Program for Graduate Students in Scientific Computing, July 1-26, 2002

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