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IMA Tutorial
Introduction to Epidemiology and Immunology
May 13-14, 1999


Zhilan Feng
Department of Mathematics
Purdue University

Wenzhang Huang
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Alabama, Huntsville

Ingemar Nåsell
Department of Mathematics
Royal Institute of Technology

Horst Thieme
Department of Mathematics
Arizona State University

Pauline van den Driessche
Department of Mathematics & Statistics
University of Victoria


Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez
Department of Mathematics

This tutorial serves as an introduction to the IMA Workshop on Mathematical Approaches for Emerging and Reemerging Infectious Diseases, May 17-21, 1999. The organizers are: Sally Blower, Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Kenneth L. Cooke, Denise Kirschner, and Pauline van den Driessche


All talks are in IMA East Seminar Room, Lind Hall 409 unless otherwise noted.

Thursday Friday

9:00 am Registration and Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:20 am Willard Miller and Fred Dulles Introduction
9:30 am Horst Thieme
Arizona State University
Modeling of (Infection) Stages with Arbitrary Length Distribution |(Audio Only)
10:20 am Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
10:50 - 11:40 am Ingemar Nåsell
Royal Institute of Technology
Part I: The Importance of Quasi-stationarity in the Study of Extinction Times for Birth-death Processes with Absorbing States. Applications to the SIS Model     Talk
1:30 pm Zhilan Feng
Purdue University
On the Computation of R0 (Including Age-structure Examples) |Talk
2:20 - 3:10 pm Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez
Principles of Immune System Modelling |(Audio Only)
9:30 am Pauline van den Driessche
University of Victoria
Time Delay in Epidemic Models |(Audio Only)
10:20 am Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
10:50 - 11:40 am Horst Thieme
Arizona State University
Asymptotically Autonomous and Competitive Systems |(Audio Only)
1:30 pm Wenzhang Huang
University of Alabama, Huntsville
Application of Monotone Systems Theory to Epidemiological Models

Thursday Friday


As of 5/12/99
Name Department Affiliation
Angel Capurro Departamento de Investigacion Universidad de Belgrano
Carlos Castillo-Chavez IMA University of Minnesota
Lourdes Esteva   University Nac Autonoma de Mexico
Zhilan Feng Mathematics Purdue University
Janda Holmes Mathematics Department University of Tennessee
Sarah Holte Biostatistics Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center
Mary Ann Horn Mathematics Vanderbilt University
Wenzhang Huang Mathematical Sciences University of Alabama, Huntsville
Maia Martcheva    
Douglas Meade Mathematics University of South Carolina
Ingemar Nåsell Mathematics Royal Institute of Technology
Douglas E. Norton Mathematical Sciences Villanova University
Mouzin Olivier   Biomechanics Orthopaedic Laboratory
Sonja Sandberg Mathematics Framingham State College
Baojun Song Biometrics Cornell University
Horst Thieme Mathematics Arizona State University
Dean T. Tsukayama Medicine Hennepin County Medical Center
Pauline van den Driessche Mathematics & Statistics University of Victoria
Jorge X. Velasco-Hernandez Mathematics UAM- Iztapalapa
Liancheng Wang Mathematics & Statistics Mississippi State University
Mary Lou Zeeman Mathematics and Statistics University of Texas at San Antonio
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