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IMA Workshop
From Individual to Aggregation: Modeling Animal Grouping
June 7-11, 1999


Leah Edelstein-Keshet
Mathematics Department
University of British Columbia

Simon A. Levin
Department of Ecology and Evolution Biology
Princeton University


Mark Lewis
Department of Mathematics
University of Utah

Patterns of aggregation, including schools of fish, flocks of birds, and herds of ungulates, are among the most striking patterns in biology. How do such patterns arise from decisions taken at the level of individuals? A promising approach begins from Lagrangian (e.g. Newtonian) descriptions of individual responses to the environment and to each other, derives macroscopic descriptions, and proceeds to Eulerian descriptions. The mathematical issues will involve Lagrangian/Eulerian connections, moment closure and other methods for proceeding from small to large scales.


All talks are in Lecture Hall EE/CS 3-180 unless otherwise noted.

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8:30 am Registration and Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:10 am Fadil Santosa, Fred Dulles, and Simon A. Levin Introduction
9:30 am Mark Lewis
University of Utah
Workshop Overview
10:00 am Hidekatsu Yamazaki
Tokyo University of Fisheries
Lagrangian Simulation of Planktonic Swimming Behaviours
11:00 am Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:30 - 12:30 pm Daniel Grunbaum
University of Washington
Population-level Advection-Diffusion Equations for Biased Random Walks by Individuals and Groups
Short Talks
2:00 pm Christopher Cosner
University of Miami
The Effects of Spatial Grouping on the Functional Response of Predators
2:15 pm Frithjof Lutscher
Universitaet Tubingen
A Simple Model for Schooling Fish and its Effect on Predation
2:30 pm James Watmough
University of Victoria
Can PDE Models Describe Migratory Locust Swarms?
2:45 pm Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
3:00 pm Odo Diekmann
Utrecht University
Reflections on Epidemic Models
3:30 - 4:00 pm Steven Ellner
North Carolina State University
Spatial Dynamics and Persistence in a Model Tri-trophic System |Talk
4:15 pm IMA Tea IMA East, 400 Lind Hall
A variety of appetizers and beverages will be served.
9:15 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:30 am Will Wilson
Duke University
Consuming, Grouping, and Coexisting
10:30 am Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:00 - 12:00 pm Mercedes Pascual
University of Maryland
Determinism and Spatial Scale: Aggregating Individuals into Densities in Oscillatory Systems
Short Talks
2:00 pm Donald B. Olson
University of Miami
Aggregation and Aggretion
2:30 pm Victor Padron
Universidad de Los Andes
Effect of Aggregation on Population Recovery Modeled by a Diffusion-Advection Equation
2:45 pm Emily Silverman
University of Washington
Mixed-Species Aggregations of Waterfowl
3:00 pm Carl Simon
University of Michigan
Favored Places in the Selfish Herd
3:15-3:30 pm Sharon R. Lubkin
North Carolina State University
Chemotactic Bacterial Pattern Formation
3:45 pm Informal Video Session IMA East Seminar room, Lind Hall 409
8:45 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:00 am Karl-Peter Hadeler
University of Tübingen
Reaction Transport Equations as Models for Spread and Reactions
10:00 am Angela Stevens
Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Hyperbolic v Parabolic Models for Chemotaxis (Individual and Population Density Based Models) |Talk
11:00 am Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:30 - 12:30 pm Hans G. Othmer
University of Utah
Continuum Taxis Equations Based on Individual Behavior
1:30 - 6:30 pm David Tilman
University of Minnesota
Field Trip to the Cedar Creek Natural History Area

This will be a trip led by Professor Tilman to see a research facility he directs located north of the Twin Cities. See http://www.lter.umn.edu/ for more details about this site.

Driving time will be about 50 minutes each way and the group will leave at 1:30 pm from the lobby of the Radisson Metrodome.

9:15 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:30 am Paulien Hogeweg
University of Utrecht
From Individual Decisions to Aggregates and from Aggregates to Indivudual Dicisions
10:30 am Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
11:00 am - 12:00 pm Shay Gueron
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Birth and Death Processes and Mass Action Laws in Biology and Chemistry: AN Interacting Particle Systems Approach
2:00 pm Vincenzo Capasso
University of Milan
From the Individual Behaviour Subject to Stochastic Fluctuations to the PIDE Describing The Global Behaviour Of an Aggregating Population
3:00 pm Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
Short Talks
3:30 pm Sandy Anderson
University of Dundee
From Populations to Indviduals: Applications of Continuum and Discrete Models in Cancer Growth
3:45 pm Ricardo Diaz
University of Northern Colorado
Flocking Kinematics and Nonlinear Fluid Flow Equations: Some Exact Analytic Solutions
4:00 pm Ulrike Schuldenzucker
University of Bonn
From a Skein of Individuals to Partial Integro-Differential Equations
4:15 - 4:30 pm Thomas Hillen
University of Utah
Moment Closure of Reaction Transport Equations
6:00 pm Workshop Dinner Dinner will be catered by Cossetta's, a local Italian Restaurant. It will be held outside on the east side of Lind Hall and will feature a variety of Italian entrees and salad.
9:15 am Coffee Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
9:30 am Alexander Mogilner
University of California-Davis
Quantitative Modeling of Bacterial Aggregation Based on `Energy Taxis' |Talk
10:30 am Coffee Break Reception Room EE/CS 3-176
10:45 - 11:45 am Paul Moorcroft
Princeton University
Mechanistic Models for Animal Home Ranges
11:45 am - 12:15 pm Leah Edelstein-Keshet
University of British Columbia
Workshop Summary |Summary

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as of 6/8/99
Name Department Affiliation
Kevin Anderson IMA University of Minnesota
Sandy Anderson Mathematics University of Dundee
Don Aronson Mathematics University of Minnesota
Bruce Ayati IMA University of Minnesota
Steve Cantrell Mathematics and Comp. Science University of Miami
Vincenzo Capasso Mathematics University of Milan
Chris Cosner Mathematics & Computer Sciences University of Miami-College of Arts & Sciences
Kim Cuddington Zoology University of Guelph
Gregory J. Davis Natural and Applied Sciences-Mathematics University of Wisconsin - Green Bay
Ricardo Diaz Mathematical Sciences University of Northern Colorado
Odo Diekmann   Utrecht University
Kevin Drury Biological Sciences University of Notre Dame
Fred Dulles   Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
Leah Edelstein-Keshet Mathematics University of British Columbia
Stephen Ellner Statistics North Carolina State University
Daniel Grunbaum Zoology University of Washington
Shay Gueron Mathematics Technion-I.I.T.
Karl Hadeler Lehrstuhl fur Biomathematik Universitat Tubingen
Thomas Hillen Mathematics University of Utah
Paulien Hogeweg Theoretical Biology/Bioinformatics University of Utrecht
Eli Holmes Zoology Department University of Washington
Henri Laurie Applied Maths University of Cape Town
Simon A. Levin Ecology and Evol. Biology Princeton University
Mark Lewis Mathematics University of Utah
Sharon Lubkin Biomathematics Program North Carolina State University
Frithjof Lutscher Lehrstuhl fur Biomathematik Universitat Tubingen
Urmila Malvadkar Applied and Computational Math Princeton University
Douglas Meade Mathematics University of South Carolina
Willard Miller   Institute for Mathematics and its Applications
Alexander Mogilner Mathematics University of California-Davis
Denis Mollison Act. Maths & Statistics Heriot-Watt University
Paul Moorcroft   Princeton University
Mike Neubert Biology Department Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute
Claudia Neuhauser School of Mathematics University of Minnesota
Donald B. Olson Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmos. Science University of Miami
Hans G. Othmer Mathematics University of Utah
Victor Padron Departamento de Matematicas Universidad de Los Andes
Keiko Parker   US West
Mercedes Pascual Center of Marine Biotechnolgy University of Maryland
Virginia Pasour Biomathematics North Carolina State University
Kathleen Rogers IMA University of Minnesota
Ulrike Schuldenzucker   University of Bonn
Emily Silverman   University of Washington
Carl Simon Mathematics Department University of Michigan
Angela Stevens   Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
Steven Viscido Biological Sciences University of South Carolina
James Watmough Mathematics and Statistics University of Victoria
Warren Weckesser IMA University of Minnesota
Hans Weinberger Mathematics University of Minnesota
Will Wilson Zoology Duke University
Ralf Wittenberg IMA University of Minnesota
Hidekatsu Yamazaki Ocean Sciences Tokyo University of Fisheries
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