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Career Options for Women in Mathematical Sciences
February 4-5, 2005

The workshop is co-organized by the IMA and the Association for Women in Mathematics and is co-sponsored by Ford Motor Company.

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For further information, contact staff@ima.umn.edu.

Note: Registration for this workshop is now closed.

Committee Members
Natalia M. Alexandrov
Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate  NASA Langley Research Center
Kathryn E. Brenan
National Systems Group The Aerospace Corporation
L. Pamela Cook (Committee chair)
Mathematical Sciences University of Delaware
Erica Zimmer Klampfl
Supply Chain Management Research Ford Research Laboratory
Kristin Lauter
Cryptography group Microsoft Research
Suzanne Lenhart
Mathematics University of Tennessee
Debra Lewis
IMA University of Minnesota
Natalia M. Alexandrov
Systems Analysis and Concepts Directorate, NASA Langley Research Center
Margaret Cheney
Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Brenda L. Dietrich
Department Manager, Mathematical Sciences, IBM Thomas J. Watson Research Center
Laura J. Douglas Frink
Research Scientist, Sandia National Laboratory
Erica Zimmer Klampfl
Research Scientist, Supply Chain Management Research, Ford Research & Advanced Engineering
Miriam Laura Lucian
Research Scientist, Mathematics and Computing Technology, The Boeing Company
Sarah K. Patch
Research Scientist, Applied Science Lab, GE Healthcare
Michelle Wagner
Applied Research Mathematician and Director, Mathematical Sciences Program, National Security Agency
Diana Woodward
Vice President, Market Risk Management, Societe Generale


This workshop aims to familiarize women in the mathematical sciences with professional opportunities in industry and government labs, and to suggest strategies for not merely surviving, but thriving. The workshop is geared primarily towards graduate students and PhDs in the early stages of their post-graduate careers, but should be valuable for researchers at all stages of professional development. Invited speakers, panelists and discussion leaders are women in research and management positions in industry and government labs, and women in academia with strong industrial ties.

Friday morning there will be an optional pre-meeting negotiation skills session led by Barbara Butterfield, PhD, Principal of HUMANED Knowledge for Human Performance Consulting, and Jane Tucker, PhD, Senior Manager, IT at Duke University. Topics to be covered include principles of negotiation, developing "best alternatives to a negotiated agreement", and understanding your negotiating style. Case practices, particularly job interview scenarios, will be used to illustrate the principles presented in the workshop.

There is no fee for either the main workshop or the negotiations skills session. Participation is limited for both events. Acceptance to the main workshop does not imply acceptance to the negotiation skills session. Registrants should send a current CV and a statement of interest concisely describing the applicant's reasons for wishing to participate in the workshop. A letter of support from an advisor, postdoctoral mentor, or department chair is not required, but may be included in support of the application.

Participants are encouraged, but not required, to present a poster in the poster session Friday evening. This will be an excellent opportunity to present yourself and your research to a very broad audience, including representatives from industry and national labs.

All activities are in Lecture Hall EE/CS 3-180 unless otherwise noted.
8:30-12:30 Negotiation skills session
1:45-2:00 Douglas N. Arnold and organizers Opening remarks
Michelle Wagner
Building a career at the NSA
2:45-3:15 Miriam Laura Lucian Becoming an applied mathematician - From mathematical logic to airplanes
3:15-3:30 Coffee break EE/CS 3-176
3:30-4:00 Natalia M. Alexandrov

Mathematical perspectives on NASA applications

Slides:   pdf

4:00-4:15 Workshop photos here 400 Lind

Reception (with POSTER SESSION)
400 Lind Hall

Allison H. Baker
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

Scalable conceptual interfaces in hypre

Poster:   html    pdf    ps    ppt

Katherine Bartley University of Nebraska-Lincoln Decoding algebraic geometric codes over rings
Agata Comas
Rice University
The numerical solution of linear quadratic optimal control problems by time-domain decomposition
Elena Dimitrova
Virginia Tech

Graph-theoretic method for the discretization of gene expression measurements

Slides:   pdf

Maria Emelianenko
Penn State University

Uniform convergence of a multigrid energy-based quantization scheme

Poster:  pdf

Yuliya Gorb
Pennsylvania State University

Discrete network approximation for highly-packed composites with irregular geometry in three dimensions

Poster:   pdf

Genetha Anne Gray
Sandia National Labs
Multifidelity optimization using asynchronous parallel pattern search and space mapping
Giovanna Guidoboni
University of Houston
New perspective for simulating incompressible fluid flows with free boundary
Jennifer Suzanne Lynch Hruska
Indiana University at Bloomington
Rigorous numerical computations in complex dynamical systems
Martha Paola Vera Licona
Virginia Tech

An optimization algorithm for the identification of biochemical network models

Poster:   pdf    ppt

Hyeona Lim
Mississippi State University
On efficient high-order schemes for acoustic waveform simulation
Maeve L. McCarthy
Murray State University
Numerical analysis of the Exponential Euler method and its suitability for dynamic clamp experiments
Elena Nagaeva A convergence analysis of generalized iterative methods in finite-dimensional lattice-normed spaces
Myunghyun Oh
The Ohio State University
Evans function for periodic waves in infinite cylindrical domain
Natalya Popova
University of Illinois at Chicago
The effect of gravity modulation on the onset of filtrational convection
Lea Popovic
Stochastic modeling of macroevolution
Natasha Rozhkovskaya
University of Wisconsin - Madison
A story about Yangians
Suzanne Sindi
University of Maryland

A symbolic dynamical system for reconstructing repetitive DNA

Nicoleta Eugenia Tarfulea
University of Minnesota
A mathematical model for cell movement in tumor induced angiogenesis
5:45-9:00 Dinner with working groups Gateway Center
All activities are in Lecture Hall EE/CS 3-180 unless otherwise noted.
8:30-9:00 Coffee available EE/CS 3-176
9:00-9:45 Brenda L. Dietrich Math inside IBM
9:45-10:15 Laura Frink Complex fluid systems in nanotechnology, biology, and life
Coffee break
EE/CS 3-176
10:45-11:15 Margaret Cheney Radar imaging
Diana Woodward
Mathematics of risk management
Sarah K. Patch
Thermoacoustic tomography - Inversion of a spherical radon transform with partial data
12:15-1:30 Lunch  
1:30-2:00 Erica Klampfl Women mathematicians: We can do more than teach
Panel discussion 
Janet Pavelich (Lockheed Martin)
Pam Binns (Honeywell)
Yi-Ju Chao (Morton Consulting Corporation)
Kathryn E. Brenan (The Aerospace Corporation)
Questions and Answers:   html    pdf    doc

Suzanne Lenhardt (University of Tennessee )
3:00-3:30 Coffee break EE/CS 3-176
3:30-5:00 Working groups EE/CS
5:15-6:00 Reports of working groups
Moderator: Suzanne Lenhardt
6:15-7:45 Dinner Nolte Room, Radisson Hotel
8:00-9:00 Movie "To Dream Tomorrow" EE/CS 3-180


Name Department Affiliation
Haseena Ahmed Department of Mathematics Iowa State University
Natalia Alexandrov Langley Research Center NASA Langley Research Center
Iana Anguelova Department of Mathematics University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Douglas N. Arnold Institute for Mathematics and its Applications University of Minnesota
Natalie Axtell Department of Mathematics Purdue University
Yelda Aydin Mathematics University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Allison Baker Center for Applied Scientific Computing Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories
Katherine Bartley Mathematics University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Pam Binns Communications and Systems Architectures Honeywell
Stefanella Boatto Department of Mathematics and Statistics McMaster University, Canada
Vena Pearl Bongolan-Walsh Applied Mathematics Illinois Institute of Technology
Kathryn E. Brenan National Systems Group Aerospace Corporation
LaKeisha Brown Mathematics East Tennessee State University
Barbara Butterfield   HUMANED
Maria-Carme Calderer School of Mathematics University of Minnesota
Kristen Jo Campbell Department of Mathematical Sciences Northern Illinois University
Yiju Chao   Morton Consulting Corporation
Margaret Cheney Department of Mathematical Sciences Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Lan Cheng Department of Mathematics University of Pittsburgh
Yu-Wen Chiu Mathematics University of Minnesota
Agata Comas CAAM Rice University
L. Pamela Cook Department of Mathematical Science University of Delaware
Brenda Dietrich TJ Watson Research Center IBM Corporation
Elena Dimitrova Department of Mathematics Virginia Tech
Maria Emelianenko Department of Mathematics Pennsylvania State University
Andrea Fischbacher   SIEMENS AG
Jennifer Franko Department of Mathematics Indiana University
Laura JD Frink Computational Biology Sandia National Laboratories
Jennifer Froelich Department of Mathematics University of Iowa
Anna Ghazaryan Mathematics Department Ohio State University
Irina Gheorghiciuc Mathematical Sciences Department University of Delaware
Sonja Glavaski Honeywell Laboratories Honeywell
Leah H. Gold Department of Mathematics Texas A & M University
Yuliya Gorb Mathematics Pennsylvania State University
Genetha Anne Gray Computational Sciences & Mathematics Sandia National Laboratories
Giovanna Guidoboni Department of Mathematics University of Houston
Heather Hardway Mathematics Rice University
Suzanne Lynch Hruska Department of Mathematics Indiana University
Roberta Humphreys IT Administration University of Minnesota
Rinat Kedem Department of Mathematics University of Illinois - Urbana-Champaign
Erica Zimmer Klampfl Ford Research Laboratory Ford Motor Company
Suzanne Lenhart Department of Mathematics University of Tennessee
Debra Lewis Institute for Mathematics and its Applications University of Minnesota
Martha Paola Vera Licona Mathematics Virginia Tech
Hyeona Lim Department of Mathematics and Statistics Mississippi State University
Miriam Lucian BCAG - Advanced Technology Boeing Company
Maeve McCarthy Mathematics and Statistics Murray State University
Lisa A. Miller Department of Mechanical Engineering University of Minnesota
Oana Mocioalca Mathematical Sciences Kent State University
Elena Nagaeva    
Seema Nanda Mathematics Harvey Mudd College
Myunghyun Oh Department of Mathematics Ohio State University
Miao-Jung Yvonne Ou Department of Mathematics University of Central Florida
Sarah K. Patch Applied Science Lab General Electric
Janet Pavelich Advanced Signal Processing Lockheed Martin
Lyudmila Pekurousky CMRL 3M
Maria Ponomorenko   University of Minnesota
Silvia Popa Department of Mathematics University of Wyoming
Natalya Popova Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science University of Illinois - Chicago
Lea Popovic   University of Minnesota
Jennifer Proft   University of Texas - Austin
Kandice Raymond Department of Statistics University of Minnesota
Hilke Reiter Institut fur Mathematik und Informatik University of Leipzig
Natalie Rojkovskaia Department of Mathematics University of Wisconsin - Madison
Sashirekha Shanmugavelu Department of Computer Engineering University of Minnesota
Suzanne Sindi Applied Math and Scientific Computation University of Maryland
Marie Louise Spilde Mathematics University of Nebraska - Lincoln
Sandra Spiroff Mathematics University of Utah
Nicoleta Tarfulea Department of Mathematics University of Minnesota
Jane W. Tucker   Duke University
Paula Andrea Vasquez Mathamtical Sciences University of Delaware
Maria Grazia Viola Mathematics Texas A & M University
Michelle Wagner Mathematical Sciences Program National Security Agency
Diana Woodward Market Risk Management Gorilla Science
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