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IMA Thematic Year on Imaging
September 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006

Imaging science may be naturally divided into the process of image formation, the use of data from sensors to form images, and of image interpretation, the extraction of information from images. The IMA annual program has been organized along these lines, although we fully realize the interconnectedness of the image formation and interpretation process, and intend to encourage an interplay between them. In particular, the spring semester will begin with a period of concentration in image processing, which straddles the divisions.

Many classical and well-developed imaging techniques use wave propagation to generate data. Recently, rapid developments in sensor technology coupled with advances in mathematics for integrating the collected data, promise to provide quantitative imaging information about structures and phenomena long assumed to be inaccessible to imaging. Examples in these emerging areas include in vivo cell imaging, quantum state imaging, and network tomography. The development of imaging techniques together with the advancement of image processing methods have called for intelligent integration of these subsystems.

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  Annual Program Workshops and Tutorials
9/19-23/05 Tutorial: Radar and Optical Imaging
10/17-21/05 Workshop: Imaging from Wave Propagation
11/7-11/05 Workshop: Frontiers in Imaging
12/5-9/05 Workshop: Integration of Sensing and Processing
1/9-12/06 Workshop: New Mathematics and Algorithms for 3-D Image Analysis
2/6-10/06 Workshop: The Mathematics and Art of Film Editing and Restoration
3/6-10/06 Workshop: Natural Images
4/3-7/06 Workshop: Shape Spaces
5/22-26/06 Workshop: Visual Learning and Recognition
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