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Spring 1999

Bruno Luong, Optimal Control Technique for Magnet Design in an NMR Well-Logging Tool"
     June 4, 1999

Gary S. Strumolo, "ISDP: Inverse Shape Design Procedure"
     May 28, 1999

Peter Feldmann, Modeling and Simulation of the Interference due to Digital Switching in Mixed-Signal ICs
May 7, 1999

Jim Giusti of Seagate, Modeling the Magnetic Recording Writing Process,
     April 29, 1999

Andrew Conn, Derivative Free Optimization Algorithm for Constrained Problems
     April 16, 1999

Winter 1999

Milton Mayo Morris, Background Detection of Lethal Arrhythmia by Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillators
     March 25, 1999

Matthew G. Fishler, Exploring the Mechanisms of Cardiac Defibrillation Via Mathematical Modeling
     March 19, 1999

David Ross, Some Fluid Dynamics Problems in Ink Jet Printing
     March 8, 1999

Joan Bachenko, Language Modeling for an Application of Large Vocabulary Speech Recognition
     February 19, 1999

Krasimir D. Kolarov, Very Low Cost Video Wavelet Codec
     February 5, 1999

Fall 1998

Jeff Sachs, Biotechnology from Bifurcation in a Box: Ion Trap Mass Spectrometry
     December 4, 1998

Vinay Vaishampayan, Multiple Description Data Compression and Lattice Labeling
      November 20, 1998

Eric Voth, Mathematical Applications in Cardiac Electrophysiology
      October 30, 1998

Weimin Sun, Analysis of A Linear Phased Multi-Electrode AF Ablation System
      October 23, 1998

Ming Ouyang, Particle Deposition On a Loaded Fiber
     September 25, 1998

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