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Industrial Program

Industrial Partner Program
The IMA Participating Corporation program is the chief mechanism for the involvement of industry in IMA activities.

Industrial Postdoctoral Fellowships
These fellowships are designed to prepare the fellows for research careers in industry or those involving industrial interaction in academia.

Hot Topics Workshops
These workshops focus on rapidly developing areas of interest, gathering those with diverse backgrounds to explore the mathematical applications through interdisciplinary collaboration. Industrial scientists are welcome and will find most talks accessible without a degree in mathematics.

IMA/SIAM Career Opportunities in Industry for Mathematical Scientists Workshop
This annual event gives industrial scientists the opportunity to prepare their future employees for careers in industry and gives academics a better understanding of what it is like to work in the private sector.

Mathematical Modeling in Industry Workshops for Graduate Students
These workshops are designed to provide graduate students and qualified advanced undergraduates with first-hand experience in industrial research.

Industrial Problems Seminars
In collaboration with the University of Minnesota’s School of Mathematics, the Industrial Problems Seminars have been a forum for industrial researchers to present their work since 1987, making it the longest running seminar series of its kind in the US. The series offers attendees a first-hand glimpse into industrial research.

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