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Mathematical Modeling in Industry Workshops
for Graduate Students

The Mathematical Modeling in Industry Workshop for Graduate Students is designed to provide graduate students and qualified advanced undergraduates with first-hand experience in industrial research. Students work in teams under the guidance of an industry mentor who helps the student model, analyze, and perform computational work associated with a real-world industrial problem. Past projects have resulted in papers published in refereed scientific journals.

The Math Modeling program has been discontinued. The IMA is offering a special Math-to-Industry Boot Camp for summer 2016.

  Previous Workshops

Highlights from past attendees:
2014 Math Modeling

I came prepared for the project, and my background helped me a lot. The more I worked on the project, the more interesting I found it. To me, it was really awesome to see how math interfaces with a real-world industry problem. I want to join industry in the future as a mathematician, and this project will help me.

— 2014 Workshop Participant

2013 Math Modeling

Being able to interact with the mentors and other participants was a breath of fresh air. I was able to discuss new and innovative concepts and technologies with everyone in this workshop. It made me appreciate the field of mathematics even more.

— 2013 Workshop Participant

2012 Math Modeling

As a whole, the workshop helped me realize that I, indeed, want to be an industrial mathematician.

— 2012 Workshop Participant

2012 Math Modeling

Everyone on my team brought different skills and ideas to the table. The idea of 'teamwork' often gets lost on graduate students, especially those in mathematics and engineering, where we become so accustom to working on our own. Working with a team for 10 days and coming up with a result that I know I couldn't have accomplished by myself will remain a cherished memory.

— 2012 Industry Mentor
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