Institute for Mathematics and Its Applications

Minorities and Applied Mathematics-Connections to Industry

Workshop Schedule

October 4-6, 1996

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		   	   Schedule for Friday, October 4

6:00 pm         Reception
      Radisson Hotel Metrodome

7:00 pm         Dinner                  Radisson Hotel Metrodome
      Nolte Room, second floor of Radisson Hotel

8:30 pm         Avner Friedman          IMA Director

8:40 pm         James Turner            Florida A&M University
      What we intend to accomplish

        	        Schedule for Saturday, October 5

7:30 am         Registration and Coffee
      Reception Room EE/CS 3-176

                             Five technical talks:

8:00 am         Dereje Agonafer         IBM
      An integrated solid-model-based CFD modeling methodology for computer
      packaging applications

8:25 am         Linda Hayes             University of Texas-Austin
      Applications of Freezing in Biomedical Engineering

8:50 am         Fletcher Jones          IBM Watson Labs
      Three-Dimensional Modeling of Optical Lithographic Patterns Used 
      To Manufacture Computer Chips 

9:15 am         Monica Martinez         University of Texas-Austin
      Shallow Water Equations: Modeling of Bays, Estuaries and Oceans

9:40 am         Alfred Phillips Jr.     Cornell University
      Field-Effect Transistor Theory

10:00 am        Coffee Break
      Reception Room EE/CS 3-176

                          Two technical talks:

10:30 am        Angel E. Garcia         Los Alamos National Lab.
      Multi-basin Dynamics of Proteins in Aqueous Solution

10:55 am        Raymond Mejia           National Institutes of Health
      Mathematics in Biology - An Application in Kidney Physiology

11:15--12:00    R. Johnson, F. Jones, J. Turner      Maryland/IBM/Florida A&M
      Overview session on ``concrete action"

                    Two "personal experience" talks:

1:30 pm         Iris Mack               Associated Technologies
     Financial Engineering & Risk Management

2:00 pm         Alton Smith Wallace     Institute for Defense Analyses
      Life as a ``Beltway Bandit''

                          Five technical talks:

2:30 pm         Fern Y. Hunt            National Inst. of Standards and Tech.
      Mathematical Modelling of Barkhausen Jump Size Distributions

2:55 pm         Juan C. Meza            Sandia National Laboratories
      Optimal Design and Control of Chemical Vapor Deposition Reactors

3:20 pm         Richard Tapia           Rice University
      Interior-point models: New algorithmic methodology for large-scale 
      constrained optimization

3:45 pm         Paul Wright             Bell Laboratories
      To be announced

4:10 pm         Bernard A. Mair         University of Florida
      Two Mathematicians, an Engineer, and a Pet

4:30 pm         Coffee Break
      Reception Room EE/CS 3-176

5:00--6:00    R. Johnson, F. Jones, J. Turner   Maryland/IBM/Florida A&M
      Second session on ``concrete action"

6:30 pm         Dinner
      Campus Club

8:30 pm         Earl Barnes             Georgia Inst. of Technology
     Some Reflections on My Days at IBM
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        	        Schedule for Sunday, October 6
8:00 am         Coffee
      Reception Room EE/CS 3-176

8:30--11:30     Breakout Groups
      Participants will divide into groups to draft portions of the 
      ``concrete action" document, returning for a general session in EE/CS 3-180.
       Rooms to be announced

11:30--12:00   R. Johnson,F. Jones, J. Turner  Maryland/IBM/Florida A&M
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