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IMA Workshop 8
Interface and Thin Films
February 5-9, 1996

Organizers: Perry Leo, Dan Meiron (Caltech) and Tom Tsakalakos (Rutgers)

The manufacture and use of materials in the form of thin films has spurred a great deal of study on how these systems differ from their bulk counterparts. The importance of interfacial and surface energies in thin film systems, as well as the development of very small grains in the film itself, forces a critical evaluation of the role of size scaling on the behavior of thin films. This workshop will bring together material scientists and mathematicians who are involved with studying thin film systems and issues of scaling in such systems. Problems will include coating of films and flow over films, epitaxy and interfacial energies, stress driven instabilities, microstructure of deposited films, and mechanical, electrical and magnetic properties of films.

The workshop will bring together experts doing experimental work, materials and mathematical modeling.

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