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Postdoctoral Fellowships for 2007-2008 Program on
Mathematics of Molecular and Cellular Biology

With the advice of the organizers of the 2007-2008 year on Mathematics of Molecular and Cellular Biology, the IMA has chosen new postdoctoral fellowships for the period September 1, 2007 to August 31, 2008. As was the case last year, most postdocs were offered two year appointments. These postdocs will be active participants in all activities of the annual program. They were chosen from a long list of well-qualified recent Ph.D. recipients. All postdocs may, at their option remain at the IMA for a second year. A variety of options are available for second year postdocs including participation in the thematic program (which will be on "Mathematics and Chemistry"), industrial interaction, teaching and teaching development, and research, independently and/or in conjunction with University of Minnesota faculty.

First Year IMA Postdocs
Name Institution Advisor
Callender, Hannah Vanderbilt University Mary Ann Horn
Cotta-Ramusino, Ludovica Ecole Polytecnique Federale
de Lausanne (EPFL)
John H. Maddocks
Hinow, Peter Vanderbilt University Glenn Webb
Schmidt, Deena Cornell University Richard Durrett
Stein, Andrew M. University of Michigan Leonard Sander
and Trachette Jackson
Tüzel, Erkan University of Minnesota Daniel Kroll
Wang, Zhian University of Alberta Kevin Painter
Second Year IMA Postdocs
Name Institution Advisor
Bates, Daniel J. University of Notre Dame Andrew Sommese
Gower, Jason E. University of Cincinnati Samuel Wagstaff
Hering, Milena University of Michigan William Fulton
Leykin, Anton University of Illinois - Chicago Gennady Lyubeznik

First Year IMA Industrial Postdoc
Industrial Partner
Dubois, Olivier McGill University Martin Gander ExxonMobil
Second Year IMA Industrial Postdocs
Industrial Partner
Bhat, Yermal Sujeet University of Florida Shari Moskow AFRL
Lurati, Laura Brown University Jan Hesthaven Boeing
Zhang, Hongchao University of Florida William Hager IBM

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