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2010-2011 IMA Participating Institutions Conferences

Participating Institutions (PI) Programs

  • From Banach Spaces to Frame Theory and Applications - In Honor of Professor Peter G. Casazza's 65th Birthday
    University of Maryland
    Organizing committee: Radu Balan (University of Maryland), Bernhard Bodmann (University of Houston), Christopher Heil (Georgia Institute of Technology), Gitta Kutyniok (University of Osnabrück), Mark Lammers (University of North Carolina, Wilmington), Thomas Strohmer (University of California, Davis)
    May 20-23, 2010
  • Conference on Complex Analysis
    University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Organizing committee: Almo Hinkkanen (Chair), J. Miles (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Alexandre Eremenko, Allen Weitsman (Purdue University), Zhuan Ye (Northern Illinois University)
    May 21-23, 2010
  • Conservation Laws and Applications (Rocky Mountain Mathematics Consortium 2010)
    University of Wyoming
    Organizing committee: Gregory D. Lyng, A. Duane Porter (University of Wyoming)
    June 22-July 2, 2010
  • The Mutually Beneficial Relationship of Matrices and Graphs
    Iowa State University
    Organizing committee: Leslie Hogben (Iowa State University) and Bryan Shader (University of Wyoming)
    July 12-16, 2010
  • Geometry, Topology and Dynamics in Negative Curvature (GTDNC)
    Ohio State University. The conference will be held in Raman Research Institute, Bangalore, India.
    Organizing committee: C.S. Aravinda, S.K. Roushon (TIFR, India) F.T. Farrell (Binghamton University), J.-F. Lafont (Ohio State University), J. Samuel (RRI, India)
    August 2-7 2010
  • Symmetry, Separation, Super-Integrability and Special Functions (S4) Conference (In honor of Willard Miller, Jr., who will be retiring from the University of Minnesota.
    University of Minnesota
    Organizing committee: Ernie Kalnins (University of Waikato), Niky Kamran (McGill University), Pavel Winternitz (Université de Montreal), Peter Olver (University of Minnesota)
    September 17-19, 2010
  • Fourth Annual Iowa Mathematical Sciences Field of Dreams Conference
    University of Iowa
    Organizing Committee: Phil Kutzko (Chair) (Mathematics, The University of Iowa), Kathryn Chaloner (Biostatistics, The University of Iowa), Wolfgang Kliemann (Mathematics, Iowa State University), Doug Mupasiri (Mathematics, The University of Northern Iowa)
    October 8-10, 2010
  • Model Management and Reduced Order Model Approaches for Simulation Driven Optimization
    Rice University
    Organizing committee: Amr S. El-Bakry (ExxonMobil Corporate Strategic Research) and Matthias Heinkenschloss (Rice University)
    October 11-12, 2010
  • Interactions between Geometry and Analysis
    Notre Dame University
    Organizing committee: Jianguo Cao, Karsten Grove (Chair), Matt Gursky, Qing Han, Richard Hind, Xiaobo Liu, Liviu Nicolaescu, Brian Smyth, Fred Xavier (University of Notre Dame)
    October 21-24, 2010
  • Waves and Spectra Analysis/PDE
    Texas A&M University
    Organizing committee: Andrew Comech, Constanze Liaw, Alexei Poltoratski (Texas A&M University)
    January 11-14, 2011
  • The Fourteenth Rivière-Fabes Symposium on Analysis and PDE
    University of Minnesota
    Organizing committee: Markus Keel, Nicolai Krylov, Marta Lewicka, Peter Polacik, Fernando Reitich, Mikhail Safonov, Daniel Spirn, Vladimir Sverak (University of Minnesota)
    April 15-17, 2011
  • Random Matrices and High Dimensional Statistics
    University of Minnesota
    Organizing committee: Tiefeng Jiang (University of Minnesota) and Tony Cai (University of Pennsylvania)
    April 29-30, 2011
  • New Perspectives in Nonlinear PDE's
    University of Michigan
    Organizing committee: Joel Smoller (University of Michigan (chair)), Craig Evans (University of California, Berkeley), Tai-Ping Liu (Stanford University), Craig Tracy University of California, Davis), Robin Young (University of Massachusetts)
    May 2-6, 2011
  • Applications of Algebraic Geometry
    Texas A&M University
    Program committee: (co-chair) Frank Sottile (Texas A&M University), (co-chair) Daniel Bates (Colorado State University), Elizabeth Allman (University of Alaska – Fairbanks), Gunnar Carlsson (Stanford University), Tor Dokken (SINTEF, Oslo, Norway), Erich Kaltofen (North Carolina State University), Jean Lasserre (University of Toulouse), Kristin Lauter (Microsoft Research)
    October 6-9, 2011
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