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December 1997 Preprints

  • 1521     Propagation of cracks in elastic media
    Avner Friedman, Bei Hu, and Juan J.L. Velazquez
    [PDF (364K) or PostScript (398K)]

  • 1522     An efficient algorithm for locating and continuing connecting orbits
    M.J. Friedman and J.W. Demmel
    [PDF (168K) or PostScript (161K)]

  • 1523     Uniqueness for a wave propagation inverse problem in a half space
    Matti Lassas, Margaret Cheney, and Gunther Uhlmann
    [PDF (123K) or PostScript (73K)]

  • 1524     Singular separatrix splitting and Melnikov method: an experimental study
    Amadeu Delshams and Rafael Ramírez-Ros
    [PDF (528K) or PostScript (785K)]

  • 1525     Equilibrium measures for coupled map lattices: existence, uniqueness and finite-dimensional approximations
    Miaohua Jiang and Yakov B. Pesin
    [PDF (476K) or PostScript (751K)]

  • 1526     A geometric approach to systems with multiple time scales
    Christopher K.R.T. Jones
    [PDF (185K), or Compressed PostScript (182K)]

  • 1527     Well-posedness and blow-up solutions for an integrable nonlinearly dispersive model wave equation
    Yi A. Li and Peter J. Olver
    [PDF (369K) or PostScript (404K) ]

  • 1528     Macroscale properties of porous media from a network model of biofilm processes
    Brian J. Suchomel, Benito M. Chen, and Myron B. Allen
    [PDF (1M) or PostScript (1019K)]

  • 1529     A methodology for the numerical computation of normal forms, centre manifolds and first integrals of Hamiltonian systems
    Ángel Jorba
    [PDF (1M) or PostScript (1M)]

  • 1530     Aleksandrov reflection and nonlinear evolution equations, I: the n-sphere and n-ball Bennett Chow and Robert Gulliver
    [PDF (255K) or PostScript (466K)]
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