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March 1991 Preprints

  • 784     Asymptotic behavior for a coalescence problem
    Oscar Bruno, Avner Friedman and Fernando Reitich
    [ PDF ]

  • 785     Periodic surfaces which are extremal for energy functionals containing curvature functions
    Johannes C.C. Nitsche
    [ PDF ]

  • 786     A mathematical theory for viscous, free-surface flows over a perturbed plane
    F. Abergel and J.L. Bona
    [ PDF ]

  • 787     Phase field equations in the singular limit of sharp interface problems
    Gunduz Caginalp and Xinfu Chen
    [ PDF ]

  • 788     An inverse problem for harmonic acoustics in stratified oceans
    Robert P. Gilbert and Yongzhi Xu
    [ PDF ]

  • 789     Normality and convexity of the yield surface in nonlinear plasticity
    Roger Fosdick and Eric Volkmann
    [ PDF ]

  • 790     A minimal model for spatio-temporal patterns in thin film flow
    H.S. Brown, I.G. Kevrekidis and M.S. Jolly
    [ PDF ]

  • 791     On the uniqueness of solutions of some second order differential equations
    Chao-Nien Chen
    [ PDF ]

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