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April 2009 Preprints

IMA Preprint list

  • 2246     Cooperative game theory solution in an upstream-downstream relationship
    Ezio Marchi, Paula Andrea Cohen, and Miguel Garcia-Cestona
    [ PDF ]   [ DOC ]
  • 2247     Discriminative k-metrics
    Arthur Szlam and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF ]
  • 2248     Approximate solutions to second order parabolic equations I: Analytic estimates
    Radu Constantinescu, Nicola Costanzino, Anna L. Mazzucato, and Victor Nistor
    [ PDF ]
  • 2249     Online dictionary learning for sparse coding
    Julien Mairal, Francis Bach, Jean Ponce, and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF ]
  • 2250     Geometric computation of human gyrification indexes from magnetic resonance images
    Shu Su, Tonya White, Marcus Schmidt, Chiu-Yen Kao, and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF ]
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