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August 2009 Preprints

IMA Preprint list

  • 2268     Finite-time Lagrangian transport analysis: Stable and unstable manifolds of hyperbolic trajectories and finite-time Lyapunov exponents
    Michal Branicki and Stephen Wiggins
    [ PDF ]
  • 2269     Geometrical models of the phase space structures governing reaction dynamics
    Holger Waalkens and Stephen Wiggins
    [ PDF ]
  • 2270     The quantum normal form approach to reactive scattering: The cumulative reaction probability for collinear exchange reactions
    Arseni Goussev, Roman Schubert, Holger Waalkens, and Stephen Wiggins
    [ PDF ]
  • 2271     Model and optimization of organic photovoltaic cells
    Amelia McNamara, Jordan Seering, and Yi Zeng
    [ PDF ]
  • 2272     On determining the number of clusters--A comparative study
    Brian Bies, Kathryn Dabbs, and Hao Zou
    [ PDF ]
  • 2273     Dynamics of objective structures of the nanotube group
    Milka Doktorova, Dhruv Goel, and Michael Meaden
    [ PDF ]
  • 2275     Semi-implicit Krylov deferred correction methods for differential algebraic equations
    Sunyoung Bu, Jingfang Huang, and Michael L. Minion
    [ PDF ]
  • 2276     Universal priors for sparse modeling
    Ignacio Ramírez, Federico Lecumberry, and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF ]
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