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December 1999 Preprints

  • 1652     An HP a-priori error analysis of the DG time-stepping method for initial value problems
    Dominik Schötzau and Christoph Schwab
    [PDF (301K) or PostScript (377K)]

  • 1653     Mean value theorems for stochastic integrals
    N.V. Krylov
    [PDF (160K) or PostScript (467K)]

  • 1654     Noise-resistant affine skeletons of planar curves
    Santiago Betelu, Guillermo Sapiro, Allen Tannenbaum, and Peter J. Giblin
    [PDF (556K) or compressed PostScript (358K)]

  • 1655     Image inpainting
    Marcelo Bertalmio, Guillermo Sapiro, Vicent Caselles, and Coloma Ballester
    [PDF (2.9M) or compressed PostScript (2.6M)]

  • 1656     Moment contractivity and stability exponents of nonlinear stochastic dynamical systems
    Henri Schurz
    [PDF (326K) or PostScript (590K)]

  • 1657     Exact-approximate boundary reachability of thermoelastic plates under variable thermal coupling
    George Avalos and Irena Lasiecka
    [PDF (269K) or PostScript (345K)]

  • 1658     A Runge-Kutta type scheme to solve   dXt= $\sigma$ (Xt)  o  dWt  under commutative noise
    Luis Jose Roman
    [PDF (250K) or PostScript (303K)]

  • 1659     Factorization and small-energy asymptotics for the radial schrödinger equation
    Tuncay Aktosun
    [PDF (134K) or PostScript (288K)]

  • 1660     Continuous dependence on the nonlinearity of viscosity solutions of parabolic equations
    B. Cockburn, G. Gripenberg, and S-O. Londen
    [PDF (177K) or PostScript (152K)]

  • 1661     The local discontinuous Galerkin method for contaminant transport
    Vadym Aizinger, Clint Dawson, Bernardo Cockburn, and Paul Castillo
    [PDF (728K) or compressed PostScript (466K)]

  • 1662     The development of discontinuous Galerkin methods
    Bernardo Cockburn, George E. Karniadakis, and Chi-Wang Shu
    [PDF (820K) or compressed PostScript (5.4M)]

  • 1663     Almost periodic passive tracer dispersion
    Hongjun Gao, Jinqiao Duan, and Xinchu Fu
    [PDF (188K) or PostScript (440K)]

  • 1664     Exponential stability of the quasigeostrophic equation under random perturbations
    Jinqiao Duan, Peter E. Kloeden, and Björn Schmalfuss
    [PDF (232K) or PostScript (440K)]

  • 1665     Fractional Fokker-Planck equation for nonlinear stochastic differential equations driven by non-Gaussian Levy stable noises
    D. Schertzer, M. Larchevêque, J. Duan, V.V. Yanovsky, and S. Lovejoy
    [PDF (172K) or PostScript (343K)]

  • 1666     Generalized Stable Multivariate Distribution and Anisotropic Dilations
    D. Schertzer, M. Larchevêque, J. Duan, and S. Lovejoy
    [PDF (189K) or PostScript (342K)]

  • 1667     Mortar estimates independent of number of subdomains
    Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan
    [PDF (235K) or PostScript (504K)]

  • 1668     A Stefan problem for a protocell model with symmetry-breaking bifurcations of analytic solutions
    Avner Friedman, Bei Hu, and Juan J.L. Velazquez
    [PDF (463K) or Compressed PostScript (268K)]

  • 1669     General principles for numerical approximation of stochastic processes on some stochastically weak Banach spaces
    Henri Schurz
    [ Abstract   (Please contact author at hschurz@math.siu.edu for a hard copy) ]

  • 1670     A brief introduction to numerical analysis of (ordinary) stochastic differential equations without tears
    Henri Schurz
    [ Abstract   (Please contact author at hschurz@math.siu.edu for a hard copy) ]

  • 1671     On Taylor series expansions and conditional expectations for (ordinary) Stratonovich stochastic differential equations with complete V-commutativity
    Henri Schurz
    [ Abstract   (Please contact author at hschurz@math.siu.edu for a hard copy) ]

  • 1672     Head-media interaction in magnetic recording
    Avner Friedman and J.I. Tello
    [PDF (192K) or PostScript (453K)]

  • 1673     Limiting behavior for an iterated viscosity
    C. Foias, M.S. Jolly, and O. Manley
    [PDF (295K) or PostScript (350K)]

  • 1674     The Oseberg transition: visualization of global bifurcations for the Kuramoto-Sivashinsky equation
    M.E. Johnson, M.S. Jolly, and I.G. Kevrekidis
    [PDF (1.2M) or Compressed PostScript (1.4M)]

  • 1675     Non-Lipschitz minimizers of smooth strongly convex functionals
    Vladimír Sverák and Xiaodong Yan
    [PDF (177K) or PostScript (441K)]
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