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June 1990 Preprints

  • 1616     Well-posedness of a structural acoustics control model with point observation of the pressure
    George Avalos, Irena Lasiecka, and Richard Rebarber
    [PDF (333K) or PostScript (445K)]

  • 1617     Asymptotic formuli for steady state voltage potentials in the presence of conductivity imperfections of small area
    Elena Beretta, Arup Mukherjee, and Michael Vogelius
    [PDF (341K) or PostScript (994K)]

  • 1618     A new generating function from the view point of change in the nature of random variable in hypergeometric distributions
    Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF ]

  • 1619     Construction of generalized multiple hypergeometric function and contrivance of Appell functions as its special cases
    Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF ]

  • 1620     Expressions for the generating function of the hypergeometric distributions when the parameters are of different nature
    Anand Singh and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF ]

  • 1621     On the direct and inverse scattering for the matrix Schrödinger equation on the line
    Tuncay Aktosun, Martin Klaus, and Cornelis van der Mee
    [PDF (199K) or PostScript (437K)]

  • 1622     Finite element approximation of solutions to a class of nonlinear hyperbolic-parabolic equations
    Donald A. French, Søren Jensen, and Thomas I. Seidman
    [PDF (266K) or PostScript (570K)]

  • 1623     Continuous Galerkin finite element methods for a forward-backward heat equation
    Donald A. French
    [PDF (186K) or PostScript (406K)]

  • 1624     URN models and vaccine efficay estimation
    Carlos M. Hernández-Suárez and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
    [PDF (224K) or PostScript (562K)]

  • 1625     A basic result on the integral for birth-death Markov processes
    Carlos M. Hernández-Suárez and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
    [PDF (154K) or PostScript (387K)]

  • 1626     Social clustering and the transmission and dynamics of tuberculosis
    Juan P. Aparicio, Angel F. Capurro, and Carlos Castillo-Chavez
    [PDF (372K) or PostScript (857K)]

  • 1627     Nonlocal response in a simple epidemiological model
    K.R. Heiderich, W. Huang, and C. Castillo-Chavez
    [PDF (196K) or PostScript (374K)]

  • 1628     Soliton/exciton transport in proteins
    Zachariah Sinkala
    [PDF (189K) or PostScript (307K)]

  • 1629     The existence of non-topological multivortex solutions in the relativistic self-dual Chern-Simons theory
    Dongho Chae and Oleg Yu. Imanuvilov
    [PDF (342K) or PostScript (765K)]

  • 1630     Contractions of Lie algebras: Applications to special functions and separation of variables
    E.G. Kalnins, W. Miller, Jr., and G.S. Pogosyan
    [PDF (296K) or PostScript (728K)]

  • 1631     A model for TB with exogenous reinfection
    Carlos Castillo-Chavez, Zhilan Feng, and Angel F. Capurro
    [PDF (283K) or Compressed PostScript (157K)]
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