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May 2006 Preprints

IMA Preprint list

  • 2116     Modelling and simulations of multi-component lipid membranes and open membranes via diffusive interface approaches
    Xiaoqiang Wang and Qiang Du
    [ PDF ]
  • 2117     Boundary and local null controllability of structurally damped elastic systems
    George Avalos and Paul Cokeley
    [ PDF ]
  • 2118     Activity recognition via classification constrained diffusion maps
    Y. Ma and S.B. Damelin
    [ PDF ]
  • 2119     A TV based restoration model with local constraints
    A. Almansa, C. Ballester, V. Caselles, and G. Haro
    [ PDF ]
  • 2120     Solitary waves and their linear stability in weakly coupled KdV equations
    J. Douglas Wright and Arnd Scheel
    [ PDF ]
  • 2121     On the convergence of the harmonic Bz algorithm in magnetic resonance electrical impedance tomography
    J.J. Liu, J.K. Seo, M. Sini, and E.J. Woo
    [ PDF ]
  • 2122     Explicit solutions to the Korteweg-de Vries equation on the half line
    Tuncay Aktosun and Cornelis van der Mee
    [ PDF ]
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