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November 2002 Preprints

  • 1895     Non-Photorealistic rendering from stereo
    A. Bartesaghi and G. Sapiro
    [ PDF (661K) and PostScript (764K) ]
  • 1896     The method of variation of constants and multiple time scales in orbital mechanics
    William I. Newman and Michael Efroimsky
    [ PDF (291K) and compressed PostScript (370K) ]
  • 1897     A characterization of hybridized mixed methods for second order elliptic problems
    Bernardo Cockburn and Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan
    [ PDF (270K) and PostScript (457K) ]
  • 1898     Numerical simulation of deformable drops with soluble surfactant: Pair interactions and coalescence in shear flow
    H. Zhou, V. Cristini, and C.W. Macosko
    [ PDF (1.8M) and no PostScript ]
  • 1899     Lauricella-Saran triple hypergeometric functions of matrix arguments-I
    Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF (45K) and PostScript (377K) and Cover page ]
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