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November 2006 Preprints

IMA Preprint list

  • 2142     Well posedness and regularity for the elasticity equation with mixed boundary conditions on polyhedral domains and domains with cracks
    Anna Mazzucato and Victor Nistor
    [ PDF ]
  • 2143     A basic inequality for the Stokes operator related to the Navier boundary condition
    Luan Thach Hoang
    [ PDF ]
  • 2144     Regularization for inverting the Radon transform with wedge consideration
    I. Aganj, A. Bartesaghi, M. Borgnia, H.Y. Liao, G. Sapiro, and S. Subramaniam
    [ PDF ]
  • 2145     From gigabytes to bytes: Automated denoising and feature identification in electron tomograms of intact bacterial cells
    Rajesh Narasimha, Iman Aganj, Mario Borgnia, Guillermo Sapiro, Steven McLaughlin, Jacqueline Milne, and Sriram Subramaniam
    [ PDF ]
  • 2146     An analysis of the minimal dissipation local discontinuous Galerkin method for convection-diffusion problems
    Bernardo Cockburn and Bo Dong
    [ PDF ]
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