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October 2000 Preprints

  • 1722     Small-energy asymptotics for the Schrödinger equation on the line
    Tuncay Aktosun and Martin Klaus
    [PDF (180K) or PostScript (378K)].

  • 1723     Numerical modeling of formation invasion
    Yalchin Efendiev
    [PDF (191K) or Compressed PostScript (142K)].

  • 1724     Exact upscaling of transport in porous media and its applications
    Yalchin Efendiev
    [PDF (378K) or PostScript (715K)].

  • 1725     The coupling of local discontinuous Galerkin and conforming finite element methods
    Ilaria Perugia and Dominik Schötzau
    [PDF (414K) or PostScript (652K)].

  • 1726     Averaging Principle for Quasi-Geostrophic Motions under Rapidly Oscillating Forcing
    Hongjun Gao and Jinqiao Duan
    [PDF (250K) or PostScript (519K)].

  • 1727     On a mathematical model for the growth of necrotic tumors in presence of inhibitors
    J.I. Díaz and J.I. Tello
    [PDF (221K) or PostScript (546K)].

  • 1728     Local discontinuous Galerkin methods for the Stokes system
    Bernardo Cockburn, Guido Kanschat, Dominik Schötzau, and Christoph Schwab
    [PDF (354K) or PostScript (433K)].

  • 1729     The 3D quasigeostrophic equation under random perturbation
    Jinqiao Duan and Björn Schmalfuß
    [PDF (271K) or PostScript (444K)].

  • 1730     On moment-dissipative stochastic dynamical systems
    Henri Schurz
    [PDF (329K) or PostScript (370K)].
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