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October 2002 Preprints

  • 1885     Morse and drainage description and encoding of image
    Vicent Caselles, Guillermo Sapiro, and Andres Solé
    [ PDF (950K) and no PostScript ]
  • 1886     Acoustic wave propagation in a composite of two different poroelastic materials with a very rough periodic interface: a homogenization approach
    Robert P. Gilbert and Miao-jung Ou
    [ PDF (1.0M) ]
  • 1887     On some generalized multiple hypergeometric functions of matrix arguments
    Lalit Mohan Upadhyaya and H.S. Dhami
    [ PDF (67K), PostScript (455K), and Cover page ]
  • 1888     General solution to the robust strictly positive real synthesis problem for polynomial segments
    Yuwensheng Wanglong
    [ PDF (186K) ]
  • 1889     Improved results on robust stability of multivariable interval control systems
    Zhizhen Wang, Long Wang, and Wensheng Yu
    [ PDF (173K) ]
  • 1890     H Infinity performance of interval systems
    Long Wang
    [ PDF (133K) ]
  • 1891     Robust strictly positive real synthesis for convex combination of sixth-order polynomials
    Wensheng Yu and Long Wang
    [ PDF (146K) ]
  • 1892     Robust D-stability of uncertain MIMO systems: LMI criteria
    Long Wang, Zhizhen Wang, Baoyu Wu, and Wensheng Yu
    [ PDF (993K) ]
  • 1893     Robust strictly positive real synthesis for polynomial families of arbitrary order
    Wensheng Yu and Long Wang
    [ PDF (186K) ]
  • 1894     Edge theorem for multivariable systems
    Long Wang, Zhizhen Wang, Lin Zhang, and Wensheng Yu
    [ PDF (670K) ]
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