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September 2011 Preprints

IMA Preprint list
  • 2378     Sparse modeling of human actions from motion imagery
    Alexey Castrodad and Guillermo Sapiro
    [ PDF ]

  • 2379     Robust locally linear analysis with applications to image denoising and blind inpainting
    Yi Wang, Arthur Szlam, and Gilad Lerman
    [ PDF ]

  • 2380     Analytic regularity and GPC approximation for control problems constrained by linear parametric elliptic and parabolic PDEs
    Angela Kunoth and Christoph Schwab
    [ PDF ]

  • 2381     Excitonic eigenstates of disordered semiconductor quantum wires: Adaptive wavelet computation of eigenvalues for the electron-hole Schrödinger equation
    Christian Mollet, Angela Kunoth, and Torsten Meier
    [ PDF ]

  • 2382     Multiscale methods for the valuation of American options with stochastic volatility
    Angela Kunoth, Christian Schneider, and Katharina Wiechers
    [ PDF ]
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