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IMA Annual Program
Continuum Physics and Partial Differential Equations
September 1984 - June 1985

Organizers: Haïm Brezis, Constantine M. Dafermos, Jerry Ericksen, David Kinderlehrer

September-December 1984: Equilibrium and Stability Questions

Workshop: Equilibrium and Stability Questions in Continuum Physics and Partial Differential Equations, September 5-14, 1984
Organizers: M. Beatty, H. Brezis, J. Ericksen, D. Kinderlehrer

 Workshop: Homogenization and Effective Moduli of Materials and Media, October 22-26, 1984
Organizers: J. Ericksen, J.L. Lions, D. Kinderlehrer, R. Kohn

Workshop: AMS Regional Meeting with Special Sessions on Partial Differential Equations, November 2-3, 1984
Organizers: C. Amick, R. Hardt, W. Ni, W. Ziemer

January-March 1985: Polymers and Liquid Crystals

Workshop: Liquid Crystals and Liquid Crystal Polymers, January 21-25, 1985
Organizers: J. Ericksen, D. Kinderlehrer

Workshop: Amorphous Polymers and Non-Newtonian Fluids, March 4-8, 1985
Organizers: J. Ericksen, D. Kinderlehrer, S. Prager, M. Tirrell

March-July 1985: Dynamical and Evolutionary Questions

Workshop: Oscillation Theory, Computation, and Methods of Compensated Compactness, April 1-5, 1985
Organizers: J. Ericksen, C. Dafermos, D. Kinderlehrer, M. Slemrod

Workshop: Metastability and Incompletely Posed Problems, May 6-10, 1985
Organizers: S. Antman, J. Ericksen, D. Kinderlehrer, I. Muller

 Workshop: Dynamical Problems in Continuum Physics, June 3-7, 1985
Organizers: J. Bona, C. Dafermos, J. Ericksen, D. Kinderlehrer

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