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IMA Annual Program
Stochastic Differential Equations and their Applications
September 1985 - June 1986

Organizers: D. Stroock (Chair), W. Fleming, T. Harris, P. Lions, S. Orey, G. Papanicolaou

Workshop: Stochastic Integration, August 21-30, 1985.
Organizer: D. Stroock

September-October 1985: Random Media

Workshop: Random Media, September 18-24, 1985.
Organizer: G. Papanicolaou

November 1985-January 1986: Large Deviation Theory

Workshop: Large Deviation Theory, November 4-15, 1985.
Organizer: S. Orey

 Workshop: Malliavin Calculus and Applications to Partial Differential Equations, January 1986.
Organizer: D. Stroock

February-March 1986: Percolation Theory and Infinite Particle Systems

Workshop: Percolation Theory and Infinite Particle Systems, February 17-21, 1986.
Organizers: H. Kesten (Chair), T. Harris, R. Holley, T. Liggett  

March-April 1986: Infinite Interacting Systems, Scaling Limits and Hydrodynamics

Workshop: Hydrodynamic Behavior and Iteracting Particle Systems and Applications, March 17-21, 1986.
Organizer: G. Papanicolaou

May-June 1986: Stochastic Differential Systems with Applications in Electrical/Computer Engineering, Control Theory, and Operations Research

Mini-Symposium: Stochastic Analysis and Applications to Economic Theory, May 30-31, 1986 (Jointly sponsored with the Depts. of Economics and Finance, Univ. of Minnesota).
Organizers: M. Dothan, R. Marimon, C. Sims

Workshop: Stochastic Differential Systems, Stochastic Control Theory and Applications, June 9-20, 1986.
Organizers: W. Fleming, P. Lions, J. Baras, B. Hajek, J.M. Harrison, H. Sussmann

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