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IMA Annual Program
Scientific Computation
September 1986 - June 1987

Organizers: B. Engquist, R. Glowinski, M. Luskin, A. Madja

September- December 1986: Computational Fluid Dynamics

Workshop: Computational Fluid Dynamics and Reacting Gas Flows, Sep 15-26, 1986. Organizers: B. Engquist, R. Glowinski, M. Luskin, A. Majda

Workshop: Numerical Algorithms for Modern Parrallel Computer Architectures, Nov 3-7, 1986. Organizers: M. Schultz

 Mini-Symposium: Numerical Simulation in Oil Recovery, Dec. 1-12, 1986. Organizer: M. Wheeler

January 1987: Inverse Problems

Workshop: Inverse Problems and Applications to Bioengineering and Geophysics,
Organizer: R. Burridge

February -April 1987: Structural Mechanics and Properties of Materials

Workshop: Constitutive Equations and Modeling of Distributed Cracking, Strain Softening, and Localization, Feb 16-18, 1987.
Organizers: T. Belytschko, Z. Bazant

Workshop: Scientific Software, Mar 23-26, 1987.
Organizer: J.R. Rice

Minisymposium: Computer-Aided Design (CAD-CAM), Apr. 20-22, 1987.
Organizer: R. Goldman

May-July 1987: Computational Physics and Chemistry

Workshop: Computational Aspects of VLSI Design with an Emphasis on Semi-Conductor Device Simulation, Apr 30-May 7, 1987.
Organizer: R.E. Bank (Chair), R.K. Smith, W. Coughran, E. Grosse, M. Luskin

Workshop: Atomic and Molecular Structure and Dynamics, Jun 15-July 24, 1987.
Organizer: D. Truhlar

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