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IMA Annual Program
Control Theory and its Applications
September 1992 - June 1993

Organizers: H.J. Sussmann (Chair), W.H. Fleming, P.P. Khargonekar, P.R. Kumar, D.L. Russell, and S.E. Shreve

Brief selection of research results

September-December, 1992: Linear and Distributed Parameter Systems

Tutorial: Control Theory, Sep 8-11, 1992.
Organizers: P.P. Khargonekar and D.L. Russell

Workshop: Robust Control Theory, Sep 21-25, 1992.
Organizers: B.A. Francis, P.P. Khargonekar

Workshop: Control Systems Design for Advanced Engineering Systems: Complexity, Uncertainty, Information and Organization, Oct 12-16, 1992.
Organizers: D. Enns, M. Morari, C.N. Nett

Workshop: Control and Optimal Design of Distributed Parameter Systems, Nov 9-13, 1992.
Organizers: J.E. Lagnese, D.L. Russell, L. White

Period of Concentration: Flow Control, Nov 16-20, 1992.
Organizers: M. Gunzburger

January-March, 1993: Nonlinear Systems and Optimal Control

Workshop: Robotics, Jan 25-29, 1993.
Organizers: J. Baillieul, S. Sastry, H.J. Sussmann

Minisymposium: Biological Control of Movement, Feb 1-3, 1993.
Organizer: W.S. Levine

Workshop: Nonsmooth Analysis and Geometric Methods in Deterministic Optimal Control, Feb 8-17, 1993. Organizers: V. Jurdjevic, B.S. Mordukhovich, R.T. Rockafellar, H.J. Sussmann

Period of Concentration: Nonlinear Feedback Design, Mar 8-12, 1993.
Organizers: P.V. Kokotovic, L. Praly, E. Sontag, A. Teel

Workshop: Systems and Control Theory for Power Systems, Mar 15-19, 1993.
Organizers: J. Chow, P.V. Kokotovic, R.J. Thomas

April-June, 1993: Stochastic and Adaptive Systems

Tutorial: Adaptive Systems, Apr 5-9, 1993.
Organizers: K.J. Astrom, G.C. Goodwin, P.R. Kumar

Workshop: Adaptive Control, Filtering and Signal Processing, Apr 12-16, 1993.
Organizers: K.J. Astrom, G.C. Goodwin, P.R. Kumar

Minisymposium: Fuzzy Control, Apr 19-20, 1993.
Organizer: P.R. Kumar

Tutorial: Discrete Event Systems, May 3-7, 1993.
Organizers: P.R. Kumar, P. Varaiya

Workshop: Discrete Event Systems, Manufacturing Systems and Communication Networks, May 10-14, 1993.
Organizers: P.R. Kumar, P. Varaiya

Tutorial: Mathematical Finance, June 7-11, 1993.
Organizers: D. Duffie, I. Karatzas

Workshop: Mathematical Finance, June 14-18, 1993.
Organizers: M.H.A. Davis, D. Duffie, S. Shreve

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