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IMA Annual Program
Waves and Scattering
September 1, 1994 - June 30, 1995

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Organizers: George Papanicolaou (Chair), Ingrid Daubechies, William Symes, Jeffrey Rauch, Bjorn Engquist, Barry Simon

Brief selection of research results during WAVES AND SCATTERING

September-December, 1994: Theory and Computation for Wave Propagation

Tutorial: Computational Wave Propagation, Sep 7-9, 1994.
Organizers: R Burridge, B. Engquist, L. Halpern, G. Kriegsmann

Workshop: Computational Wave Propagation, Sep 19-23, 1994.
Organizers: B. Engquist, G. Kriegsmann

Tutorial: Wavelets, Multigrid and Other Fast Algorithms (Multipole, FFT) and their USE in Wave Propagation, Oct 11-13, 1994.
Organizers: I. Daubechies, B. Fornberg, S. Mallat, S. McCormick

Workshop: Wavelets, Multigrid and Other Fast Algorthms (Multipole, FFT) and their Use in Wave Propagation, Oct 17-21, 1994.
Organizers: G. Beylkin, I. Daubechies, G. Papanicolaou)

Tutorial: Waves in Random and Other Complex Media, Nov 9-10, 1994.
Organizers: R. Burridge, G. Papanicolaou, L. Pastur, B. White

Workshop: Waves in Random and Other Complex Media, Nov. 14-18, 1994.
Organizer: R. Burridge, G. Papanicolaou

January-March, 1995: Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation

Tutorial: Tutorial 1, Jan 17-20, 1995.
Organizers: D. Colton, A. Faridani, G. Papanicolaou

Tutorial: Tutorial 2, Jan 30-Feb 3, 1995.
Organizers: J. Achenbach, C. Stork, W. Symes, G. Uhlmann

Workshop: Inverse Problems in Wave Propagation, Mar 6-17, 1995.
Organizers: J. Achenbach, G. Chavent, G. Papanicolaou, P. Sacks, K.T. Smith, W. Symes

April-June, 1995: Singularities, Oscillations, Quasiclassical ad Multiparticle Problems

Tutorial: Singularities and Oscillations, Apr 4-6, 1995.
Organizers: C. Bardos, M. Beals, M. Taylor

 Workshop: Singularities and Oscillations, Apr 10-14, 1995.
Organizers: J. Keller, J. Rauch, M. Taylor

Tutorial: Quasiclassical Methods, May 16-18, 1995.
Organizers: B. Helffer, T. Paul

 Workshop: Quasiclassical Methods, May 22-26, 1995.
Organizers: J. Rauch, B. Simon

Tutorial: Multiparticle Quantum Scattering with Applications to Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Physics, June 7-8, 1995.
Organizers: D.J. Kouri, G. Michele Graf

Workshop: Multiparticle Quantum Scattering with Applications to Nuclear, Atomic and Molecular Physics, June 12-16, 1995.
Organizers: B. Simon, D. Truhlar, W. Hunziker

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