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The IMA offers a variety of print resources to help visitors and the IMA community stay connected with and informed about the IMA’s program year, special events, and news.

Annual Report
The IMA Annual Report provides an in-depth summary of the IMA’s Thematic Program year.

These brief research descriptions communicate the IMA’s achievements—and those of its visitors—with the community.

The IMA’s quarterly e-newsletter offers a glimpse into the current IMA schedule of events, including talks, lectures, and workshops, as well as the most recent IMA news.

IMA Mailing List
Subscribe to receive the IMA schedule of events on a daily or monthly basis via email.

Press Room
The Press Room includes IMA press releases, events, and news, as well as articles published about the IMA in the media.

Acknowledging the IMA in Publications
These statements are suggestions for those wishing to acknowledge the IMA in papers or other publications.

Other resources available online include the IMA’s preprint series, volumes, talk materials, and videos. These can be found in the Scientific Resources section of the website.
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