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New Program on Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications Launches in September

The IMA's upcoming Annual Program on Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications launches this September. This year, the IMA will host more than 50 long-term visitors, with 14 postdoctoral fellows in residence. The first workshop on Probabilistic and Extremal Combinatorics kicks off early, beginning September 8-12, 2014.

Discrete mathematics is a flourishing field, and many of its subfields, such as combinatorics, are taking a more dominant role in the mathematics community, attracting the attention of researchers from other disciplines.

“By gathering researchers from these various subfields, we hope to identify new research directions,” said organizers. In addition to combinatorics, the year will focus on optimization and probability and analysis.

Recent advances are also incorporating ideas and techniques from other fields. Concentration of measure phenomenon and isoperimetry play a major role in the development of new theories and analytical techniques in both discrete and continuous probability. Application areas for this branch of math range from the hardness of approximation algorithms in computer science to mass transportation theory in PDE and analysis.

“We hope this year will provide a great opportunity for the discrete and the continuous worlds to interact more frequently and fruitfully,” said organizers. “We expect there to be a lasting impact on the future of the subject.”

More information about the upcoming program is available online. The IMA is currently accepting general membership applications for the year.

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