Scientific Resources

The IMA offers several valuable scientific resources to the scientific community. These include lecture talk materials and videos, the IMA volumes, and the IMA preprint series.

Each lecture that is given at the IMA is recorded and available for viewing in live-streaming format and is later archived on our website for future viewing. These videos are all available free of charge and are accessible to the general public.

Talk Materials
A schedule of events, lists of organizers and participants, photo gallery, promotional materials, and abstracts and slides from the talks are available as downloadable materials.

The IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications, published by Springer-Verlag since 1986, are used to communicate results of the annual program that are of particular value to the broader scientific community.

Published since 1982, the IMA Preprint Series is designed to rapidly communicate important research results of IMA visitors during the annual program. Currently, more than 2,200 papers are available for download.
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