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Private Data, Public Computation

On October 16, the IMA will welcome Kristin Lauter, who will present on "Private Data, Public Computation" for the fourth annual Arnold Family Lecture Series.

Many useful internet-based services—such as email, back-up storage, electronic medical records—are hosted in the Cloud in large, expensive data centers run by major companies. Private outsourcing of services and computation to the Cloud is an important issue for sensitive data. Many services currently rely on trusting the Cloud provider to maintain confidentiality of private data and to assure integrity of data and computation. Privacy loss can occur through either explicit mining of personal data, or inadvertent leakage, or compromising anonymity in databases.

Lauter will discuss solutions based on emerging tools from cryptography to prevent and mitigate these problems.

Lauter, manager of Microsoft Research’s Cryptography Group, directs the group's research activities in theoretical and applied cryptography and in the related math fields of number theory and algebraic geometry. Her personal research interests include algorithmic number theory, elliptic curve cryptography, hash functions, and cloud security and privacy, including privacy for healthcare.

Join the IMA for this exciting lecture on Tuesday, October 16, 2012, at 7:00 p.m. in 175 Wiley Hall, 225 19th Ave. S, West Bank, University of Minnesota campus.

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