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The articles below reference IMA press releases, events, and news, as well as articles published about the IMA in the media. Be sure to follow the IMA on Twitter for the latest news as it happens.

2015-2016 IMA Public Lecture Series
2014-2015: The Year in Review
Reviewing First Half of Year on Control Theory
U of M President Eric Kaler Visits Leading Universities in Hong Kong and South Korea
Jonathan Weare Awarded the 2015 IMA Prize in Mathematics and its Applications
IMA Establishes New Data Science Lab
The IMA Welcomes its 2015-2016 Class of Postdocs
New Program on Control Theory and its Applications Launches in September
Math Modeling Provides Students with Experience in Industrial Research
IMA Welcomes Microsoft Research as its Newest Participating Corporation
IMA-MBI Coordinated Program: Network Dynamics and Control
The Mathematics of Medicine: Current Research and Workshop
Engaging Women in Math at the IMA
IMA Accepting Nominations for Mathematical Prize
IMA Names 2015-2016 Taylor Family Distinguished Visiting Professors
John F. Nash Jr. and Louis Nirenberg Awarded the 2015 Abel Prize
April Public Lecture: The Living Art of Mathematics
March Public Lecture | Waving Tails, Spiny Disks, and Sticky Situations: Explorations in Biological Fluid Dynamics
Apply for New Directions Short Course: Introduction to Uncertainty Quantification, June 15-26, 2015
Previewing Second Half of Year on Discrete Structures
The IMA Remembers Donald Kahn
Spring/Summer Hot Topics and Special Workshops
2013-2014: The Year in Review
Reviewing First Half of Year on Discrete Structures
Training the Next Generation of Mathematicians
Upcoming Career Workshops
Math & Science Family Fun Fair in November
Structure-Preserving Discretizations of Partial Differential Equations: A Celebration of Douglas Arnold
October Public Lecture: Toy Models
David F. Anderson Awarded Inaugural IMA Prize in Mathematics and its Applications
Terence Tao to Speak at Annual Program Workshop
The IMA Welcomes its 2014-2015 Class of Postdocs
September Public Lecture: How to Use Geometry to Get Rich Playing the Lottery
2014 Fields Medal Winners
New Program on Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications Launches in September
Hot Topics Workshop Focuses on the Impact of Waves Along Coastlines
Focusing on Control Theory
IMA Launches Mathematical Prize
Mathematics at the Interface of PDEs, the Calculus of Variations, and Materials Science: A Celebration of Robert Kohn
IMA Postdoc Nitsan Ben-Gal Wins Career Development Award
Yakov G. Sinai Awarded 2014 Abel Prize
Former IMA Postdoc Randy Ewoldt Receives NSF CAREER Award
IMA Launches Math Modeling Program for High Schoolers
Applications Due February 21 for the MAXIMA Interdisciplinary REU
Keeping Track of the Web
2012-2013: The Year in Review
Outreach Efforts Rise in 2013
Nowak’s Public Lecture Draws Crowd of Hundreds
Former Annual Program Organizer Michael Levitt Wins 2013 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
The IMA Welcomes its 2013-2014 Class of Postdocs
Martin Nowak - The Evolution of Cooperation: Why We Need Each Other to Succeed
Brian Conrad to Develop Symmetry from Scratch at September Public Lecture
Ken Golden’s Research Is Improving Current Mathematical Models for Global Warming
New Directions Professor Enrique Thomann Develops New Collaborations
New Program on Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology Launches in September
Funding Available for New Directions Research Professorships
Was Pythagoras the First to Discover Pythagoras’s Theorem?
Designing Energy-Efficient Buildings—Mathematical and Computational Challenges
May Workshop Focuses on Stochastic Modeling of Biological Processes
Pierre Deligne Wins the Abel Prize
April 3 Public Lecture—Mathematics and the Melting Polar Ice Caps
IMA Holds Workshop on "Career Options for Women in Mathematical Sciences
Former IMA postdoc Arthur Szlam Awarded Sloan Foundation Research Fellowship
February 27 Public Lecture—Mathematical Achievements in China, India, and the West
Now Accepting Applications for the MAXIMA Interdisciplinary REU
Now Accepting Applications for the New Directions Short Course: Applied Statistics and Machine Learning
The Third Annual Abel Conference—A Mathematical Celebration of Endre Szemerédi
Voight Named Selfridge Prize Awardee
Alan Turing: The Power of Mathematical Discovery
The Importance of Chemotaxis to the Health of Coral Colonies
Former IMA Postdoc Ruth Williams Elected to NAS
Private Data, Public Computation
The IMA Launches its New Thematic Year on Infinite Dimensional and Stochastic Dynamical Systems and Their Applications
The IMA Welcomes its 2012-2013 Class of Postdocs
IMA Reaches Out to Kids with New Science Buzz Kiosk at Science Museum of Minnesota
Mathematicians in the Shark Tank!
IMA Community Gathers to Celebrate IMA's 30th Anniversary
When Group Testing Meets Coding Theory
The financial crunch: National experts to discuss risks in financial systems May 17-19
Best-Selling Author Jeffrey Rosenthal Explores the World of Probabilities
Mean Field Games Short Course Coming November 12-13
Recent Award Highlight: Better Extrusion Means Better Manufacturing
Explore the Curious World of Probabilities on April 25
Endre Szemerédi Named 2012 Abel Prize Laureate
Join the IMA's Network!
Summer Programs Heating Up at the IMA
Apply by March 1 for the MAXIMA Interdisciplinary Research Experience for Undergraduates
Now Accepting Applications for the New Directions Short Course: Advances in Random Matrix Theory
Leave Your Mark on the IMA's New Commemorative Installation
The IMA Welcomes Its Newest Participating Institution, Zhejiang University
Long-Term Visitor Luke Olson Explores the Mathematics of Information
Topologist Explores New Directions at the IMA
The IMA Welcomes Its Class of 2011–2012 Postdoctoral Fellows
Upcoming Arnold Family Lecture—Cryptography: Secrets and Lies, Knowledge and Trust
New Thematic Year on the Mathematics of Information: September 1, 2011–June 30, 2012
IMA at the Great Minnesota Get Together
Girls Get Engaged, Grow Their Interest in Mathematics
Naomi Ehrich Leonard to kick off 2011–2012 Public Lecture Series with Flocks and fleets: Collective motion in nature and robotics, September 2011
They do the math, UM News, July 2011
Mathematicians advance the next generation of auto safety systems, Research.gov, 2010
Minnesota-born mathematician to be honored at U of M, CBS Minnesota, December 2010
University of Minnesota math institute receives $20.5 million NSF grant, UM News, August 2010
IMA Director Fadil Santosa Named SIAM Fellow, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, August 2010
IMA presents lecture “Mathematics that swing: The math behind golf” in celebration of Mathematics Awareness Month, April 2010
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