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The IMA Welcomes its 2013-2014 Class of Postdocs

In September 2013, the IMA welcomed 11 new postdoctoral fellows for its 2013-2014 Thematic Program on Scientific and Engineering Applications of Algebraic Topology. Incoming postdocs were selected from among hundreds of applications. Please join us in welcoming this talented group of mathematicians.

  • Henry Adams, Ph.D.: Stanford University, advisor: Gunnar Carlsson, is interested in applied and computational topology, particularly applications to sensor networks and data analysis.
  • Jesse Berwald, Ph.D.: Montana State University, advisor: Tomas Gedeon, centers his research on applied dynamical systems and computational topology.
  • Yiqing Cai, Ph.D.: University of Pennsylvania, advisor: Robert Ghrist, is interested in algebraic topology and sensor networks.
  • Michael Lesnick, Ph.D.: Stanford University’s Institute for Computational and Mathematical Engineering, advisor: Gunnar Carlsson, focuses his research on the theoretical foundations of topological data analysis. Currently, he is interested in studying pseudometrics on diagrams of topological spaces—interleaving distances—which arise naturally in the study of topological inference.
  • Elizabeth Munch, Ph.D.: Duke University, advisor: John Harer, specializes in computational topology, data analysis, and algorithms.
  • Amit Patel, Ph.D.: Duke University, advisor: Herbert Edelsbrunner, is interested in data analysis, visualization, geological exploration, simulation of complex systems, economic modeling, maps, big data, trend analysis, artificial intelligence, and web software.
  • Ke Wang, Ph.D.: Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey, advisor: Van H. Vu, is interested in the study of random matrix theory, probabilistic combinatorics, random graphs, and their applications.
  • Matthew Wright, Ph.D.: University of Pennsylvania, advisor: Robert Ghrist, studies applied and computational topology, computer science, and the mathematics of juggling.

Industrial Postdocs

  • Guy-vanie Marcias Miakonkana, Ph.D.: Auburn University, advisor: Asheber Abebe, centers his research on developing robust methods for inferences in variable selection in regression models, generalized linear models, and longitudinal data analysis.
  • Paul Patrone, University of Maryland, advisors: Theodore Einstein and Dionisios Margetis, focuses his research on asymptotic analysis of PDEs, stochastic and mean field models of epitaxial growth, implementation and analysis of kMC algorithms, connection between step-continuum models of surface growth and kMC, quantum mechanical interactions at surfaces, and statistical mechanics of block copolymers.
  • Lingyun Qiu, Ph.D.: Purdue University, advisor: Maarten V. de Hoop, focuses on analytical and computational aspects of inverse problems.

    Read more about the IMA’s Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at www.ima.umn.edu/postdocs. Applications for the 2014-2015 Thematic Program on Discrete Structures: Analysis and Applications are now being accepted.

    Postdocs not pictured above: Michael Lesnick, Lingyun Qiu, Guy-vanie Marcias Miakonkana, and Paul Patrone.

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