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Chaotic Attractors

About the IMA Logo

About the IMA

What we do and how.
Memberships (PI, PC)
Corporations and Institutions that help sponsor us.
Committees that govern the IMA.
Some milestones in the IMA's history.
Program Solicitation
How to contribute ideas for our future programs!
Contacting the IMA
Contacting staff and visitors, feedback on programs, and workshop registration.

What's Happening Now

Daily schedule of events.
This Week
Weekly schedule of events.
This Month
Current newsletters.
This Quarter
This quarter's Workshop.
This Year
This year's Annual Program.
Who is Here Now
Visitors currently in residence.

Programs and Activities

Annual Programs
Current, past, and future Annual Programs. Samples of Research Accomplishments. Postdoctoral Members who participated.
Industrial Programs
Seminars on Industrial Problems, "Hot Topics" Workshops, and Industry-Initiated Workshops. Postdoctoral Memberships in Industrial Mathematics.
Summer Programs
Shorter duration summer workshops. Summer Participating Institution graduate student programs.
Participating Institution Programs
Participating Institution conferences and activities.

Preprint / Publications

IMA Newsletters and Updates
Monthly newsletters and updates.
IMA Preprint Series
Preprints in PDF and PostScript format.
IMA Volume Series
Information on the IMA Volumes in Mathematics and its Applications published by Springer-Verlag. TeX/LaTeX style files and instructions for submissions.

Research Communities

IMA-AWM Forum and related links
Fractal Imaging

Visitor and Local Information

General Information for Visitors
On-line version of orientation information in your visitor folder.
Maps of the Minneapolis and St. Paul campuses of the University of Minnesota and the immediate vicinity.
Housing Option
Special airfare discounts using Northwest Airlines.
IMA Visitors, Postdocs and Staff Photo Gallery
Pictures of current visitors, postdocs, and staff.
Photo Gallery of the IMA Facilities
Pictures of the IMA facilities and campus area.
Local Directory
Current telephone and e-mail directory.
Computer Handbook
On-line version of the guide to using the IMA computer workstations.
Local Announcements
Recent news and announcements.
EECS 3-180 and 3-176 Reservations
Current calendar of dates those rooms are reserved for use and information on how to make reservations.
Twin Cities Information
Local weather forecasts and tourism information on the Minneapolis-St. Paul area.
Mathematics Links and Software
Links to math-related web sites and mathematics software both local and outside the Twin Cities area.
Others Servers of Interest
University of Minnesota and other information web servers.
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