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To advance its mission, the IMA carries out annual thematic programs, summer programs, and hot topics workshops among other activities. The IMA invites members of the mathematical sciences community—mathematicians, industrial scientists, scientists in government labs, university scientists, engineers, etc.—to get involved with an upcoming program or workshop. Annual Thematic Program organizers must be willing to provide leadership and be heavily committed to the organization of the program. Preproposals for Annual Thematic Programs should be submitted at least four years in advance of the program’s starting date, September 1. Hot Topics Workshops typically last a few days and are devoted to topics of exceptional contemporary interest and potential impact. Proposals should be sent at least six months in advance of the proposed date; cosponsorship by an industrial partner, funding agency, or institution is generally expected.

Proposal guidelines:
           Preproposals for Annual Program
           Preproposals for Hot Topics Workshop

Members of participating institutions can organize Graduate Student Summer Programs and IMA Participating Institutions Conferences.

          Proposals for Graduate Student Summer Programs
          Proposals for IMA Participating Institutions Conferences

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