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IMA Participating Institutions Graduate Student Summer Program

In 1990, the IMA pioneered the Graduate Student Summer Program and now manages it for IMA Participating Institutions (PIs). Each summer, this program—located at one of the PI campuses brings together a group of mathematics students selected from within the PIs with the goal of exposing them to an exciting topic in the mathematical sciences. A typical program lasts three weeks with a lecture series given on several related topics by senior mathematicians. A social program and communal living in the dormitory promotes networking and collaboration among the students.

List of PI Summer Graduate Programs

  Propose a Program
Deadline: May 15

Participant selection process: Students are nominated by their PI department heads. The program is generally appropriate for students who have completed a full year of genuine graduate courses and who have an interest in the general area of the summer program, but who typically have not narrowed their studies to a specific research topic.

Propose a program: PI faculty members are invited to submit proposals by May 15 one year prior to the proposed program.Proposals should be 3-6 pages in length and should include:

  • Title, location, and dates
  • List of organizers
  • Detailed description of the program
  • Proposed list of speakers
  • Budget, including other approved sources of funding

Funding: Up to $75,000 is available from the IMA. Expenses that can be charged to the IMA include: room and board for the students and the speakers, travel expenses for all participants, honoraria for the speakers, social events, and stipends for TAs when applicable.

Program selection process: Proposals are discussed in the PI departments prior to the PI meeting, typically held in early June; representatives vote on proposals at the PI meeting. Selection criteria for programs:

  • Scientific merit
  • Interest to the PIs
  • Involvement of PI faculty in the organization
  • Alignment with IMA's mission
  • Development of human resources, including a commitment to diversity

Please send proposals by e-mail to the IMA's deputy director.

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